Best of Kapamilya Chat 2020: Celebrity prank calls that left us laughing out loud

2020 may have been a terrible year, but we’re still able to find something to laugh and be happy about. Just like the Kapamilya celebrities who graced the episodes of ABS-CBN Entertainment’s online program Kapamilya Chat to not only update their fervent followers regarding their latest gigs and ganaps in life, but to also provide entertainment and good vibes to the viewers by bantering with the hosts and enthusiastically taking on the activities or games prepared for them.

And in this “Best of Kapamilya Chat” feature, let’s take a look back on the hilarious prank calls some of the guests did towards their fellow Kapamilya celebrity friends that left us all sniggering.

Pretending that he got involved in a financial trouble, Pinoy Boyband Superstar finalist and star of “Kumusta, Bro” online series Allan Cecilio chose to call Hello, Stranger actor JC Alcantara to ask for help. The latter didn’t think twice of lending him Php 50,000, which was also his way of sharing the blessings he received this year.

“My Lockdown Romance” star Joao Constancia did the same to his good friend Markus Paterson as he asked if he could borrow some money since he already ran out of funds due to the pandemic. The latter may be in another country then, but he still expressed his willingness to help the former.

On the other hand, Elisse Joson sought the help of her bestie Michelle Vito in addressing her bashers by tweeting something about it as a way of showing her support to her. The latter hesitated at first since she was playing Mobile Legends then, but later on gave in to the former’s plea and did what she was told.  A few weeks or months after, the Bagong Umaga actress had the chance to exact revenge against Elisse as she asked her if she could stay at her house for a few days after she and her mom had a huge fight.

Being one of his closest friends in It’s Showtime, first ever Miss Q & A queen Juliana Parizcova Segovia opted to call Hashtag member Nikko Natividad to ask for his advice regarding his relationship woe. The latter willingly bestowed his opinion without any inkling that he was only being pranked.

Pamilya Ko‘s Mabunga kids Jairus Aquino, Kid Yambao, and Maris Racal truly spread good vibes as they got engaged in two different pranks. Jairus attempted to trick Kid by alleging him of throwing malicious remarks against him and went on to jestingly ask him if he could lend him money. When it was Maris’ turn to pull her own prank, she decided to call Jairus and told him that someone’s stalking her.

Last was Jay-R who made his bestfriend Kris Lawrence nervous when he asked him if two of their other friends could stay with him for a few days since they got evicted from the apartment they were renting. The latter was apparently taken aback by what the latter just told him, thus Jay-R quickly told him that it was just a prank.

These Kapamilya stars only prove that it’s still possible to find valuable friendships in the ever-changing world of showbiz, as well as displayed their magnanimity and kindness.