Best of kilig Kapamilya Jinx Challenge

Let’s talk about chemistry! Oops, calm down a little as we are not talking about that challenging school subject. Rather, we are tackling something that will bring us warm, fuzzy kilig feelings – chemistry among love teams! They say that in order for on-screen tandems to work, they must possess an electrifying spark. Yet, this must go beyond the superficial idea of just looking good together.

Chemistry is also about a special connection that cannot be faked or forced. Science actually reveals that chemistry between two people can be seen by the way they smile, look in each other’s eyes, and speak the same thoughts. They just get each other without much explaining. Having discussed this, we are putting our favorite Kapamilya pairs’ mutual connection to a test via this fun Jinx Challenge. They simply need to give the same answer at the same time based on the given category. Now, that’s chemistry, right?

Most of our teams were thinking of the Unkabogable Star Vice Ganda when given the ‘Host ng It’s Showtime’ category. Newlyweds Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati, iWant’s “Uncoupling” stars Joseph Marco and Yam Concepcion, RK Bagatsing and Jane Oineza, Nang Ngumiti ang Langit’s Vance Larena and Michelle Vito all got one point. Meanwhile, MayWard and JoshNella got it wrong. The females went for Anne Curtis while the males mentioned Vice Ganda.

On to the next category- musical instrument! The well-loved guitar was the first thing that popped up in our love teams’ minds, including Pamilya Ko’s Kid Yambao and Heaven Peralejo. Joshua Garcia couldn’t help but commend his ‘baby’, Janella Salvador. Meanwhile, Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber both thought of the piano.

Animal sound stemmed cute answers from our players. Only MayWard won in this round as they both mimicked the goat sound. RK meowed but all we heard from Jane was her uncontrollable laughter. Richard ‘moo-ed’ like a cow while Sarah made a sound only she could seem to comprehend. She turned out to be squeaking like a dolphin. “Ano ‘yung sa’yo? Paano naging dolphin ‘yun?” quipped her confused husband.

We weren’t that surprised when JoshNella and RK-Jane thought of “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano” when asked for a show in Primetime Bida. Kid and Heaven found the category too easy, going for their own series, “Pamilya Ko.” MayWard also loved their own by opting for “La Luna Sanggre” while Richard and Sarah went for “Make it with You” where there Dad, Eddie Gutierrez is a part of.

The players got another point as they uttered either Melai Cantiveros or Karla Estrada’s names for the ‘Magandang Buhay’ host category. JoshNella’s magic, though, did not work in this round. She came up with Karla while his answer was Melai.

Lastly, the tandems got to review the classic “Bahay Kubo” children’s rhyme when asked about one vegetable mentioned in that song. Michelle and Vance garnered a point with singkamas. RK and Jane were in synched with sitaw, much to the giggly gal’s amusement. Joshua, who easily recalled sigarilyas, laughed out loud with Janella’s mispronunciation of patola. Sarah and Richard slipped out a little as they came up with singkamas and sitaw, respectively.

Overall, these pairs showed how much they think alike, proving that they are all indeed a perfect match!