Celebrities Love Lessons

As love is a journey full of ups and downs, surprising twists and turns, and unknowns, it also comes with valuable lessons along the way. Sometimes, these lessons, we even learn the hard way.

But the great thing about wisdom gleaned from experience is that it can be shared. In this video from ent.abs-cbn.com, celebrities offered the greatest things they’ve learned about love.

Cliché as it may sound, but Belle Mariano truly believes that true love begins from within. “Love yourself first in order for other people to love you,” she imparted. And once you’ve learned to love yourself, don’t be scared to let people in, “Allow yourself to be loved as well.”

Take it from the composer of the self-love anthem “Ako Naman Muna,” Angela Ken, who underscored, “You can give a lot of love to other people, but at the same time, you should at least save love for yourself. Hindi naman masama ‘yun.”

Even Kyle Echarri considers this the most important gospel about falling in love, “Paano ka magmamahal ng iba kung hindi mo mahal ‘yung sarili mo?” 

As Krystal Brimner puts it, “You can’t love someone too hard, ‘cause if you love someone too hard, you’re going to lose love for yourself.” You deserve your own care and affection, too. The way you treat yourself is how other people will treat you. It sets the tone of your other relationships, the “foundation” as Krystal calls it.

AC Bonifacio summarizes the rule three words: “Put yourself first.”

After graduating from Senior High as Sky Love Cruz, Andrea Brillantes carries with her one lesson she learned from the character, who wasted chances due to feelings of bitterness. “Forgive before it’s too late,” she reflected, citing as an example how Sky drowned in regret after losing her twin sister without taking the chance to fix their relationship. “Hindi mo talaga alam kung kailan mawawala ‘yung mga tao, so forgive, let God, and move on,” she emphasized

The world may be harsh sometimes, but it can never take away your ability to love. Jordan Andrews believes that “no matter how rough your life has been, you still have that soft side inside you."

Shanaia Gomez speaks about the realities of relationships, that there are days when you feel more or less in love with your partner. And it’s totally normal. After all, love is a decision. “The reason why it makes it love is because everyday you wake up and you choose to love that person despite them having flaws, despite them not being perfect.” And, love is never easy, “But at the end of the day, you choose to go home to that person every single time.”

However, to Angel Aquino, love shouldn’t be complicated. Two people in love shouldn’t sweat the small stuff. Or, when things get tough, take them in stride.

When in doubt, listen to your instinct. As Janine Gutierrez shared, “Follow your heart. Try not to overthink, just trust your heart and your gut.”

Klarisse de Guzman advocates the idea of soulmates. She said, “Soulmates are real, you just have to wait for that right person, darating ‘yun.”

In Nadine Lustre’s words: “Huwag n’yong hanapin ‘yung love, wait for it to find you.”

“Don’t ever settle for anything less” is the best love lesson that Denise Laurel has learned. “If the shoe doesn’t fit, there’s a perfect shoe for you out there. So, don’t force anything. You just have to let God surprise you.”

And when love comes, savor every bit of it. “Don’t waste opportunities,” thought Nyoy Volante. “‘Pag nagmahal ka, magmahal ka nang tunay. Okay naman mag-enjoy pero huwag kang maglaro. Totohanin mo kasi hindi lahat nabibiyayaan ng maayos na relationship. Hindi lahat nabibigyan ng tamang situation pagdating sa relationship. So, ‘pag na-bless ka ng mamahalin sa buhay, ayusin mo.”

Also, remember to protect what you have.  “The world doesn’t need to know,” spoke Enchong Dee. “Love can be a very private and intimate setup for the two persons that love each other.”

It’s always a delight to listen to insightful thoughts about love and relationships that come from the celebrities we adore. Play the video, Kapamilya!