Kapamilya Snaps: Adorable baby pictures of top Kapamilya loveteams!

There’s no doubt these Kapamilya love teams were already predicted to be future superstars even when they were still those young innocent kids. These adorable gigil-worthy throwback pictures can tell you so!


Real life sweethearts Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla’s throwback pictures are totally gems! These baby photos are just irresistible. With Kathryn’s chubby pinkish cheeks and her cute pigtails, and Daniel’s soulful eyes, cute tux outfit, and iconic cute frowned face expression, we can say that they really make up a cute couple!

As we all know, they first became a loveteam in the teen-oriented series Growing Up where Kathryn played the role of Ella Dimalanta, while Daniel portrayed Patrick Rivero. Their fans have surely followed the love team since their teenage days. They were then given more huge projects which brought immense success to the both of their careers.

Kathniel is slated to start on their newest project this year so watch out for them!


Everyone will agree that LizQuen is one lovely couple who’s near perfect. With their beautiful and charismatic faces, no one would think twice about them being just as cute and charming during their childhood days. You’ve probably seen Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil’s snaps as kids, especially those of Liza, as those already made rounds on social media. You can notice the western facial features of them ever since they were babies, considering that Liza is half-American while Quen is partly Spanish and German.

LizQuen started working together in 2013 in the romantic drama film “She’s The One,” where Enrique did the character of David, a college guy who found himself falling in love with a woman older than him, while Liza was his best friend who secretly admires him. But David realized later on his best friend’s worth, making them a couple in the end - just like how they, in real life, turned out as a real couple. 

The last project LizQuen worked on together was the romantic drama series Make It With You.


Because of the good and kilig vibes that MayWard exude as a lovely pair on television, fans are more excited to know more about them, and seeing their childhood pictures will surely be a delight to the fans. 

We can see how cute and adorable Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber are as carefree kids. Maymay has always been the one to really brighten up your day ever since she was a kid – with her infectious smile as a kid, you’d just want to stare at her to throw away all the bad vibes. 

Meanwhile, Edward could already be predicted to be a future star as young as he was still a child because of his intelligence as a kid. Needless to say, the actor already had his naturally rosy cheeks and cheeky smile when he was still a child.

Fans started to see the kilig vibes between Maymay and Edward as early as their Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7 days, where Maymay emerged as the Lucky Big Winner and Edward won as the 4th Lucky Big Placer. They top-billed the Star Cinema romantic flick “Loving in Tandem” right after their   went out of the house and currently serve as two of the hosts of iWant ASAP.


LoiNie is definitely one of the most promising pairs and real-life couples of today’s generation as many fans see the genuineness in their love for each other and being true to themselves individually at the same time. 

Even though they came from different journeys, as Loisa had her first stint on television through PBB All-In while Ronnie started as a member of It’s Showtime’s all-male group Hashtags, they both found their way towards each other. Looking at their childhood pictures, we could already say how kulit they both were ever since they were young. Loisa has always been this pretty and jolly girl ever since she was a kid, while Ronnie has always been this naughty but good boy ever since he was young. 


Who wouldn’t get excited to see the childhood pictures of the equally lovely couple Kim Chiu and Xian Lim? Both having Chinese blood, KimXi have always had those cute chinky eyes ever since they were kids. 

Ever since then, Kim has always had this bright smiling face, while Xian looked like he has always been the serious type since he was a kid. 

Through the years, their relationship apparently gets stronger and lovelier. They just actually finished their most recent project, Love Thy Woman.


Being one of the youngest pairs in showbiz, SethDrea definitely has a lot of time on their hands to make their love team bloom even more. But as early as now, these Kadenang Ginto stars have already captured the hearts of the viewers as they make a cute love team. 

Their childhood photos make it seem like they already had similarity ever since they were kids -- their faces when they were kids looked almost the same as their faces now that they’ve already grown up. You could see the distinct thick brows of Andrea Brillantes in her throwback pictures, as well as Seth Fedelin’s soulful almond eyes.


Just like SethDrea, there’s just a bit that has changed with the facial features of Kadenang Ginto stars Kyle Echarri and Francine Diaz, as they grew up. 

As he is Filipino-American, his mestizo features are evident. Meanwhile, Francine looked equally pretty when she was still a kid with her sweet and infectious smile. Because KyCine are still young, they refuse to rush things and just take their time to cherish their friendship and do well on their respective careers.

Which Kapamilya loveteam do you think is the cutest pair?