Beauty Gonzalez plays Would You Rather

Do you miss Beauty Gonzalez? Online Kapamilya Shows (OKS) brought back the Mondragons for “Kadenang Ginto Online.” Now, catch up with the talented actress behind Romina in this Would You Rather game with DJ Jhai Ho!

Between waking up early in the morning and staying awake until early in the working, Beauty typically wakes up early. She actually sleeps at around 8 p.m., “Tapusin ko lang ‘yung TV Patrol or minsan hindi ko na natatapos, tulog na ko.” By 4 a.m., she would already be up and about. Even when she has a busy schedule, she tries to stick to her bedtime. Her advice is to rest for at least seven hours. This will give your body enough time to regenerate.

During this community quarantine, Beauty has spent a lot of time daydreaming about travelling. So, if given a chance, she would love to have unlimited plane tickets. Unlimited food sounds good too, but she can just buy this. Unlike an international plane ticket which is much more expensive.

When asked to choose to either no water or no electricity, the Kadenang Ginto star picked no water. Again, she can just buy water. You can also source this at nearby rivers, as long as it is clean. Not to mention, she can go two days without showering. But without electricity, she would not be able to use her gadgets and stream movies on iWant like “Abandoned”.

Between being ugly with a good personality or pretty with a bad personality, she opted for the latter, after all her name is Beauty”. The Kapamilya celebrity explained that being physically ugly has its challenges. Meanwhile, when the problem is your personality, this can be corrected. Find guidance in life through prayer.

Lastly, she would rather be stranded alone in a deserted island than be stranded with her worst enemy. Simply because she does not want to experience the stress of being with someone you do not like. “Paano ‘pag nag-rescue tapos tinulak niya ako sa barko,” she joked.

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