Are Markus, Aljon, Anthony, Gelo and Jae ‘bad boys’ in real life?

The “Boys After Dark” video podcast hosts spread good vibes as they open up about their newfound brotherhood and react to “bad boy” tags in this episode of Kapamilya Chat.

Rise Artists Markus Paterson, Aljon Mendoza, Anthony Jennings, Gelo Marquez, and Jae Miranda dropped by the show after the trending premiere of their video podcast titled Boys After Dark (B.A.D). In the pilot episode of B.A.D., the guys talked all things relationship from red flags to lessons learned. The actors said they had fun sharing their thoughts in the episode, especially since it felt like a typical boys’ night out.

They had a mock taping prior and saw their chemistry as early as then. It, therefore, got easier to open up to each other. They might belong to the same talent arm and have worked with each other before, but the no-holds-barred conversations in their podcast got them to know each other deeper.

Jae said they weren’t scared to be honest regarding their feelings and ‘hugots’ about their past. Even guys wear their hearts on their sleeves. It’s because the bros listen when one speaks up, thus giving a sense of bond and comfort, according to Aljon.

Gelo further chalked it up to their unexpected brotherhood, “Magkakaiba kami ng background pero no’ng nagsho-shoot na, kahit isipin mo na marami kaming differences, but still bigyan mo lang ng isang one thing common sa aming lahat, nagva-vibe na kaming lahat.”

They also commented on being tagged as “bad boys.” Anthony admitted the podcast will bare their true colors since they’re sharing real experiences and honest opinions with the audience. After all, the goal is to strip them of their showbiz sides. But that doesn’t make them bad guys in real life. Maybe they just have bad experiences that make for good lessons and ‘hugots.’ Anthony jokingly called themselves “maginoo pero bad.” He added, “Hindi naman kami masamang tao. Pero at the same time, hindi naman kami perpekto. So makikita nila din ‘yung side na yo’n, na ito siya, may ganito siyang pinagdaanan.”

As for Anthony, friends who invalidate your feelings are red flags, “’Pag nag-open ka tapos biglang pagtatawanan ka nila or i-jo-joke nila ‘yung nararamdaman mo… ‘Pag seryoso na din ‘yung pinagdadaanan ng tao, feeling ko dapat seryoso din talaga ‘yung mabibigay na advice.”

Meanwhile, for Jae, it feels discouraging when the bros aren’t available when you badly need them. There’s another variation of that, as Aljon put it, “Kilala ka lang ‘pag may kailangan sila.”

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