Arci Munoz reveals love life status in this Would You Rather Challenge

Kapamilya actress Arci Munoz was a breath of fresh air as she greeted viewers ‘tweetums’ style. However, her inner rakista was unleashed when asked for a song sample. We’ll get to know more of the multitalented beauty in Showbiz Pa More’s Would You Rather Challenge.

Arci struggled to choose between Japan and Korea. She loves both. But if one must go away, she’d rather keep her Japanese cravings close. Arci has been fascinated with all things Japanese since she was young. It started with her childhood anime addiction.

She even got her first tattoo, cherry blossom, on her first travel to Japan. It was a fulfilment of a childhood dream and promise–to bring home a remembrance from the Land of the Rising Sun.

While she’s obsessed with Japan, the Korean culture especially K-drama likewise holds a special place in her heart. She said Korean dramas help her enact rom-com scenes. “Nakakahugot ako dun, eh. So, parang ‘yung acting ng mga K-dramas, parang ang galing nilang magpakilig, so nakakakuha ako ng mag input ko doon kaya naging fan ako ng K-drama.”

Arci would rather let go of her voice than her sight. “Mahirap mawalan ng paningin. Hindi ko pa nga nahahanap ‘yung the one and only ko tapos mawawala pa paningin ko. Sabagay, love is blind,” she said in jest.

She’d settle for rubber shoes than boots, so she could escape faster during a zombie apocalypse. She wears boots for her Air Force training and the results are painful blisters. But she can’t complain and stop as pain will always be part of the journey.

Arci almost cried when asked to take her pick between Disneyland and BTS concert. She can’t settle for just one! “Ang hirap! Torture! Isama ko na lang ‘yung BTS sa Disneyland.” Arci has ticked all Disneyland parks off her bucket list and she’s been to five BTS concerts, so far.

Albeit unintentional, Arci hinted at her relationship status in the next questions. She would rather read minds than feelings, as the mind reflects a person’s motive and personality. At that point, Arci opened up that someone is making her happy but she has qualms about the romance. At her age, Arci is cautious about falling in love again.

Thirty-two na ako next year. Kailangan talaga maayos na ‘yung mapili ko,” she said. Arci kept mum about the guy’s identity. For now, she’d hide him behind the codename “Dong.”

Once she settles down in the future, Arci would still want to work than become a full-time housewife. “I’ve always been outgoing and spontaneous, eh. Kung ikukulong mo ako sa house baka mabaliw ako, though I love to cook at saka mahilig ako maglinis.” She also enjoys being a ‘tita’ to her nieces and nephews.

Arci added that she was all-out in her past relationships. Thus, she wants to slow down and maybe choose someone who could love her back more than she does.