Anji talks about remarkable PBB experiences, learnings in Kapamilya Confessions

Pinoy Big Brother Kumunity Season 10 Big Winner Anji Savacion answered big questions in the latest Kapamilya Confessions episode.

Anji kicked off the first face-to-face Kapamilya Confessions episode since the pandemic started. Joined by live viewers, she was game to take on some of their burning questions after she was hailed as the champion of the recently-concluded PBB season. But before that, she engaged in a quick “PBB House Challenge,” where she answered questions about her experiences from Kuya’s famous yellow house.

The first question asked where she was able to know herself more. Anji admitted that it was really inside the PBB house. When she was advised by Kuya to love herself first, and she started working on it, she realized that she had a lot to learn about herself and that helped her discover so much more about her own likes, dislikes, and personality.  

As for where she became more a fighter, Anji cited an experience way before she entered the reality show. She discovered how to be a fighter right after she lost in a local pageant while she was still living in Siargao because the experience taught her to work harder for her dreams.

It was also in the outside world when she discovered that her favorite chore was doing her own laundry. Aside from it makes her feel more independent, she also gets to practice her singing skills as she belts out songs while washing her clothes.

Before entering the house, she considered herself a helpless cook, always burning the food. Now, she is more confident in cooking because it was required in the PBB house, where she learned the chore. Sometimes, she even volunteers to do the cooking herself.

Leaving the PBB house also left some downsides for Anji, like how her body clock has messed up. She shared that she is really used to sleeping by 7pm, so she’s trying to get back to that routine again.When asked if she’s more open to her fellow housemates or friends in the outside world, Anji didn’t choose one

over the other because what really makes her open up to a person is if she’s close or comfortable with them. Plus, she shared that it’s easy to jive with other people if you are always showing your true self.

As for challenges, if they are easier inside or outside the house, she chose neither too because no challenge is easy for her. Regardless, she encourages everyone to walk by faith and not by sight.

While Anji is proud of her journey in PBB, she is truly proud of herself when she realized her mission in life is to really spread love and kindness. It gives her direction in her life when she knows her purpose.

Netizens had equally exciting questions for “Ang Singing Sweetheart ng Siargao” as well, most of which related to her inspiring big win.

One asked what her edge was during the show’s challenges. Anji shared her little secret, which was always telling herself, “‘Pag ‘di pa tapos ang laban, wala pang tinatanghal na panalo, never give up. ‘Yon lagi nasa isip ko.

That attitude definitely brought her to the top, but of course, she still had bashers along the way. Anji only feels grateful for them because they pushed her and motivated her to be the best version of herself.

Being pitted against other Biga10 housemates is also out of the picture for Anji. For her, they’re all deserving of their position in the house, given what they all went through. Moreover, she loves them all to a fault. When she was asked who she felt closest to aside from her fellow celebrity housemates, she couldn’t help but mention all of them. The merging of the communities was also the best part for her, aside from the time all the celebrity housemates ate a small meal of chicken and rice together.

The last question was one of the most intriguing, as Anji was asked who should be the Big Winner if it wasn’t her. While she thought all the others had a fighting chance, she chose Brenda Mage. Other than she really knows who Brenda is, given everything that they went through in his stint, Anji saw how Brenda rose above adversities, bashers and haters included. She also deeply respected Brenda for accepting her mistakes, asking for forgiveness, and keeping her fighting spirit burning no matter what.

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