KChat Emoji Challenge with Anji

Anji Salvacion is the most adorable human emoji!

In the “Emoji Challenge,” Anji was required to react to different scenarios by mimicking different emojis. First situation – finding something she’s been looking for – had the Pinoy Big Brother Kumunity Season 10 Big Winner rolled her eyes in frustration. She’d tell that thing, “Minumulto ka ba? Bakit ngayon ka lang nagpakita?”

If she’s scolded by the director, she’d go for the sad and heart emojis. If she reads fake news about her, she’d just laugh it off, “I don’t handle them. I handle how I react. Kahit sa people who are hating on you, don’t handle them. Handle yourself.”

Anji delivered a super cute pouty look when asked how she’d react if her crush seen-zones her.