Angeline Quinto gets creative in the Sing the Situation Challenge

In every situation we’re in, there’s a song perfect to describe the moment. In this musical game called “Sing the Situation,” Angeline Quinto was dared to think of a piece related describing the given scenario. Will the Queen of Teleserye Theme Songs slay the challenge?

Angeline thought “Kunin Mo Na Ang Lahat Sa Akin” is the perfect song choice when the food is served late. Take anything from her but don’t you dare take her meal!

To describe a traffic situation in EDSA, she sang a few lines from “’Wag Mo Akong Iwan Mag-Isa.” No one wants to be alone in the middle of a crazy traffic jam. Good thing Angeline has her driver to keep her company. She went for “Sa Isang Pangarap” to relate oil price hike. After all, we can keep dreaming that prices may drop.

She would sing “Realize” in case she has overeaten because she can’t stop thinking of food, “Pagkatapos namin kumain, magtsa-tsaa tapos maya-maya, pupunta agad ako sa freezer namin titingnan ko kung anong sunod na pwedeng lutuin.”

She’d sing “Babalik Kang Muli” in case she left her phone at home.

Angeline ended the challenge with a question. What song will you sing to describe ‘call of nature?’