Angeline Quinto engages Loisa Andalio, Ronnie Alonte in fun “Tagalog Translate Challenge”

Kapamilya belter Angeline Quinto gives us a laugh as she engages in a fun “Tagalog Translate Challenge” with adorable on-and-off-screen couple Loisa Andalio and Ronnie Alonte on her YouTube channel.

Here are the basics of the challenge 一 Angeline would pick out a written Tagalog sentence from a bowl and translate it in English before reading it out loud. From there, Loisa or Ronnie would have to figure out what the original Tagalog sentence was. Sounds simple? LoiNie and Angeline proved that this challenge is not as simple as it seems.

The first sentence got everyone’s head rolling. From the moment Angeline opened the paper, you could see her confusion on how to make out the English translation. She was hilariously spurting, “Here is kaka like that” and “There is Kaka!” which got everyone laughing. Loisa managed to focus on the task of solving, but could not make it out. Good thing Ronnie still offered to help even if it wasn’t his turn. Eventually, they were able to get the answer: “Heto na si Kaka, bubukabukaka.”

Ronnie felt ready when it was his time to answer and, luckily, Angeline was getting in the zone too. She was quicker in translating the Tagalog phrases into English and Ronnie was quick to figure it out. Loisa also chipped in with a word or two so they immediately got the sentence, “Ok lang maging mataba ‘pag dating ng taggutom, ako papayat pa lang, sila mamatay na.”

While it looked like they got the hang of the challenge, Angeline stepped it up a notch and dared LoiNie to switch places with her. They would be the ones to translate into English first then Angeline would analyze what the origins of Tagalog translation was.

Their first try was surprisingly a success. Even if Loisa took a while finding the right English word, as soon as she said, “Are you not tired,” Angeline blurted, “Hindi ka ba napagod...” It didn’t take long for the Queen of Teleserye Theme Songs to put together the lyrics to Spongecola’s song, “Nakapagtataka”.

For the following tries, however, Ronnie and Loisa realize that it’s not as easy as the first one which was a song lyric. Throughout the next sentences, both of them were goofily acting out phrases when they didn’t know the translation or just hysterically cackling at their struggle. Angeline certainly had the time of her life laughing with Ronnie and Loisa throughout the challenge.

Did they manage to finish the challenge? Watch the vlog to find out and witness the crazy translation of LoiNie and Angeline for yourself!