Yes or No: Angelica Panganiban looks back on funny, memorable experiences via this fun challenge

As the type to wear her heart on her sleeves, Angelica Panganiban will never back out from a challenge that dives deep into some of her secrets. In this edition of Kapamilya Chat, the A-list Kapamilya star had amusing revelations via “Yes or No” Challenge.

Angelica would simply tell us if she has experienced the given scenario. First off, she admits taking out food during parties. She even borrows food containers from the host. Living solo, she sometimes gets tired of cooking for herself. “Minsan ‘pag nakakatikim ka ng lutong-bahay, nakaka-miss so parang mag-uuwi ako para may ulam na ako bukas para hindi na ako magluluto. Pero ‘yung kanin hindi ko naman inuuwi, kaya ko naman magsaing, ulam lang talaga,” she said.

On to the next question, Angelica shared that she once disguised during a trip to Baguio. She wanted to join her friends’ ‘ukay’ trip but the bunch didn’t want to be disturbed by Angelica’s fans asking for a photo op. Angelica had to conceal her identity with a cardigan and shades. She tried to haggle for a piece of blanket but the vendor was too strict, making her realize, “Gano’n pala kapag hindi ka kilala kasi ‘pag kilala nila ako halos ibigay na nila sa akin.”

The Kapamilya actress owned up to getting ten takes for a scene. Blame it to her ‘bungisngis’ nature! “May sakit ako na ‘pag natawa na kami nu’ng co-actor ko, hindi na ako titigil. Titingin lang ako hindi ko na masabi ‘yung linya ko. Talagang mag–iisip na ako ng malulungkot na bagay,” she shared. Sometimes the director would skip the scene first so Angelica can compose herself.

She sleeps naked sometimes because it has health benefits according to a magazine she read. It’s also most likely to happen when she’s too exhausted from work.

On asking for a photo op with her idol, Angelica recalled her close encounter with Hollywood actor Ben Stiller in the States. She isn’t a diehard fan but since he’s a Hollywood A-lister, Angelica made sure to capture the moment. It was her sister’s idea to have a photo op with Ben but Angelica, aware of an artist’s mood, thought it was bad timing since he was off-duty. But her sister insisted. Envious, Angelica also knocked on Ben’s car windows to ask for memorabilia.

She hasn’t tried her luck in the lottery. She tried to search herself up on Google for the most adorable reason. She said her biological father wanted to know more about her job and told her he’s looking for info on the net. Curious, Angelica Googled herself first and saw her sexy photos so she told her Dad not to search her up.

Sharing her experience in eating exotic food, she recalled eating fried worms during a trip to Bohol. Angelica revealed that she isn’t the type to get drunk when heartbroken. She would rather reflect than drink. She also takes toiletries from hotels and saves them for when there are visitors at home. She is never the type to cancel plans at the last minute. Lastly, Angelica also experienced stress-eating.

Coco Martin and Angelica join forces in a romantic-comedy film titled “Love or Money” which, as the title suggests, tackles the conflict between their respective characters Leon and Angel forced to make crucial choices that will determine the course of their life and relationship.