Andrea Abaya, Kobie Brown in kilig, engaging virtual chat in Hotspot

Pinoy Big Brother Connect’s hottest pair, Second Big Placer Andrea Abaya and Third Big Placer Kobie Brown, engaged in a warm, kilig, and fun virtual chat with DJ Jhai Ho in another edition of Hotspot.

Tagged with the new portmanteau “KoDrea” by their supportive fans, Andrea and Kobie both shared how their life was like before they entered Kuya’s house. Andrea said she was in her first year in college taking Advertising Management at the De La Salle University and joined the school’s Pep Squad. And this led to her popular PBB moniker “Cheerdance Sweetheart ng Parañaque.” And if you find Andrea’s charming looks very familiar, it’s because she has appeared in TV advertisements for six years, and she said her experience doing commercials really boosted her confidence. Meanwhile, Kobie said before joining PBB, he was attending online classes. But aside from being a student, is also a football player. He shared that he has been a student-athlete for almost all his life. In fact, he was supposed to fly back to the U.K. to join professional football clubs.

Kobie shared that he’s been a big fan of PBB and even mentioned some of his favorite PBB alumni including James Reid, Edward Barber, and Bailey May. He added that he would always watch James’ movies and would always listen to his songs. That’s why when he knew that PBB was going to hold auditions, he just grabbed the opportunity. Meanwhile, for Andrea, it’s not just her childhood dream of becoming an actress that pushed her to join the auditions, but her goal of being more independent and deciding on things on her own.

Before finally entering the PBB house, both Kobie and Andrea were actually scared and nervous as they got worried whether they could get along with the other housemates. For Kobie, it’s because of the language barrier and for Andrea, it was mostly because of the age gap between her and the other housemates. DJ Jhai Ho didn’t miss the chance to clear things out with Andrea Kobie about the real status between them. Andrea shared that Kobie did ask her already if he could court her, and Andrea said yes, although she told Kobie that he must still ask permission from her parents. And Kobie said that now is not the right time to rush things especially since there's still a pandemic going on and he emphasized that he wants to ask permission from Andrea’s parents in person. When asked about their first impression of each other, Kobie shared that he thought Andrea was really shy and quiet, while Andrea did not deny that she really found Kobie attractive, although she first thought that he was the type of guy who chooses the people he would talk to. They added that at first they wouldn’t really talk to each other and it was really awkward, but eventually they were able to connect with each other and be close to one another.

Of course, their whole PBB experience wouldn’t be complete without the remarkable pieces of advice they got from Big Brother. For Kobie, the lesson that he got from Kuya that he will take with him throughout his life was to always balance everything. He learned that you can do your best and focus in every situation while still having fun at the same time. On the other hand, Andrea said that Big Brother made her realize that while we may be sometimes afraid of failures, we should always remember that they are only a part of what will help us to grow and improve.

KoDrea then played the “Who’s Who” Challenge where they just identified who between them fits the description given by DJ Jhai Ho.

The first question was who between them is the first to greet the other one “good morning.” And both said it’s usually Kobie. Andrea then shared that if she wakes up first, she’d be the one who will text first. Next, they were asked who would sulk if the other one doesn’t get to reply right away. And both of them said none because they just update each other of their activities and will just talk about those at night during their free time. Next, they revealed who likes spicy food more and they revealed that both of them actually like it. Meanwhile, the sleepyhead between them is actually Kobie. When asked who takes more selfies, Andrea admitted that it’s her. They also shared that both of them are pet lovers - Kobie has a pet cat while Andrea has a pet dog. They both agree that Kobie is the one who loves to eat more. And when asked who is sweeter, both giddily pointed to each other.

And DJ Jhai jokingly left only the both of them on the screen and had them tell their message to each other. “I miss you so much. I hope you keep working hard, I hope you keep spreading love and positivity…I know you’re gonna do great things. I’m always here by your side to support you,” Kobie told Andrea.

“I’m so proud of you. You're doing so well...I’m so proud of how you keep your head up high. You really make me happy. I’m so happy that you’re part of my life,” Andrea told Kobie.