KChat Teen Clash Boys Aljon Zach Ralph

Just like their coming-of-age series, the boys of Teen Clash Aljon Mendoza, Ralph Malibunas, and Zach Castañeda filled the Kapamilya Chat studio with happy banter and youthful energy. Watch this episode where they revealed more about the series and the friendship they built on set. 

In the newest barkada show on iWantTFC, Aljon leads a band called Send Noods. As the family's breadwinner, he takes on every possible gig, hence, his motto “Ice for sale.” He also hates distraction, which unfortunately comes in the form of a rival group named Penelope Band and this leads to ‘clashes’ inside the campus and the music bar where both bands play. Ralph is the “makulit at malupit” Ken, while Zach plays Xander, both of whom are members of Send Noods. 

Taking us back to the making of Teen Clash, Aljon mentioned it was a long creative process. He and leading lady Jayda Avanzado took part in the selection of the other cast members. He recalled that Markus Paterson wasn’t in the go-see for the character of Jude, yet he got the role, which goes to show that it's meant for him. They also had “chemistry tests” as groups.

“Para sa akin, ‘yun ang unforgettable na process ng ‘Teen Clash’ kasi doon ko nakilala ‘yung iba’t ibang personalities. Doon ako nagkaroon ng excitement para sa project kasi unti-unti nakikita ko, ‘Wow ganito pala ‘yung mga makakasama ko sa series.’ So, na-excite ako kung paano mangyayari ‘yung clash,” Aljon reminisced. 

Just watching them in this interview, they looked like campus kids enjoying their ‘asaran’ and just filling the room with their vibrant camaraderie. It’s always been like this since their first meeting. They just clicked. Aljon thinks it’s because they never compete with one another. 

“Kung gusto mo ‘yung mga kasama mo, magge-get along talaga kayo, eh. Pero kung may tinitingnan ka as competition mo, talagang may ilang, may tension. Pero sa amin dito, wala. Nag-e-enjoy lang kami.”

More on this topic, Ralph admitted that he thought he won’t get along with Zach because of language barrier, but to his surprise, Zach speaks Filipino well and is approachable. In return, they implied that Ralph sets the mood on the set. Whether he’s energetic or quiet, everyone seems to copy his vibe.

Meanwhile, Aljon and Zach are co-talents of Rise Artists Studio, and they only have nice things to say about each other. The one who came off as ‘bad boy’ was Luke Alford, “Parang may look siya na Daniel Padilla na bad boy,” Zach described. “Pero in reality, he’s a funny guy.”

The bubbly energy they exude on-cam with their characters' endless ‘asaran’ is pretty much the same as how they are behind the cameras. Altogether, they seem like a huge squad you would want to be part of. Asked how they relate to their roles, Aljon mentioned that Ice may come off as serious but he has a soft heart especially toward his family. Zach’s character as Xander looks like the typical alpha male on the surface but he has insecurities, too, pretty much like him in real life. As for Ralph, it’s simple; he and Ken are both ‘makulit.’

Proof of how crazy this bunch is when together, they described Send Noods as “kwela” and “ewan pero may talent.” We can’t wait to see more of this bunch in Teen Clash, every Friday at 8 pm, on iWantTFC.