Aljon, Ralph and Zach take on the Kapamilya Chat’s “Don’t Spill” Challenge

The members of “Send Noods” band from “Teen Clash,”  sent us to a world of good vibes as they played Kapamilya Chat’s “Don’t Spill” Challenge. In the game, the boys of Teen Clash – Aljon Mendoza, Ralph Malibunas, and Zach Castañeda – must take turns pouring water into a glass and the first person to spill the water loses.

Game! The gentlemen went straight to the suspenseful part, pouring in a little more than we expected until Zach almost filled the glass just on the first round. It got risky from that point. However, the guys had good control and were able to add just droplets until the surface almost broke. Still, they managed to carry on, keeping things exciting.

In the end, Ralph caused the spill and ate three pieces of ‘kamias’ as punishment. But, since they are all for unity, Aljon and Zach took on the consequence as well.

You will love both the challenge and the guys’ sour-faced reaction, so hit the play button!

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