Albie tackles relationship red flags

Kapamilya actor Albie Casiño said that when it comes to relationship red flags, it’s hard to generalize but there are patterns to watch for. Find out what these patterns are in this episode of Kapamilya Chat.

The star of “How to Move On in 30 Days” played a fun game that required his bits of wisdom about love, specifically about red flags. He’s given different scenarios that he needed to weigh in. The first one was about a partner who’s too protective of her phone. While Albie is not one to check up a significant other’s phone, he thinks it only becomes shady when there’s a change in attitude; for instance, when the girl used to be okay with sharing phones and passwords but has suddenly become conscious about it.

It’s a similar feeling when the relationship is going well but out of the blue, the partner asks for space. “Wala na ‘yun. That’s basically done,” Albie said.

Moving on to the next situation, about not going to bed at the same time, Albie reacted from experience, saying it eventually turns into a toxic cycle. He had a live-in relationship before wherein the girl would come home at 6am the next day. So to get even, he’d also come home at 8am, until it became a cycle and they eventually broke up a month later.

He believes every relationship and every partner is different, so it’s hard to assume just based on outside behavior, “Mahirap mag-generalize. Paano kung she’s dealing with something in the family na hindi niya pa masabi sa’yo? Paano kung nagkasakit ‘yung Nanay niya? Alam mo ‘yun? It’s not only just about cheating.”

But there are some universal truths to follow. One example is to trust your instinct. “Pero if you have an idea na, you don’t have to ask anymore. Usually, alam mo na yan. Sa totoo lang, minsan nagpapakatanga tayo sa mga significant others natin. Pero ‘di ba, alam mo na sa sarili mo ‘yung sagot sa mga yun, eh,” explained Albie.

And since he’s been more exposed to these relationship patterns, the 28-year-old Pinoy Big Brother Kuminity Season 10 ex-housemate has also become wiser in love, “Now I’m more calm. Mas marami na akong alam kesa nung bata ako. Everything is kind of a pattern. Mahirap mag-generalize pero maraming similarities and you get to familiarize yourself with these things… It’s more of just, like, kita ko na kung saan papunta ‘to.”

Listen to Albie’s thoughts about red flags in this video from Kapamilya Chat.