Actresses in Mother Roles

Motherhood is a nuanced role that demands authentic portrayal on screen. While casting an actress with a wealth of real-life maternal experience seems logical, true talent shines when an actress embodies maternal love and warmth without prior personal experience.

In light of Mother’s Day, Kapamilya Time-List highlights some of the most stand-out, brilliant actresses who masterfully portray these qualities.


Angel Locsin

Endowed with exceptional talent and remarkable versatility, Angel Locsin has effortlessly embodied maternal roles. Her first portrayal as a mother on ABS-CBN was in her teleserye debut "Lobo," which was succeeded by its sequels "Imortal" and "La Luna Sangre."

In the 2014 drama "The Legal Wife," she played the distraught wife Monica, who, despite her distress, remained a doting mom to her son with her cheating husband Adrian, portrayed by Jericho Rosales.


Maricar Reyes

One of Maricar Reyes’ memorable roles as a Kapamilya star was in the inspirational series “Honesto,” where she portrayed Fina, the mother of the titular character. Fina epitomized selflessness, sacrificing everything for her beloved Diego (Paulo Avelino) and their son. Before she died, she made sure to impart the value of honesty to her child.


Jane Oineza

Once upon a time, Jane Oineza made a splash as a little comedienne in “Goin Bulilit.” She also went from playing young versions of teleserye lead stars to headlining her own. Following her stint on “Pinoy Big Brother: All In” in 2014, Jane and some fellow PBB alumni secured their spot in Kapamilya Gold via “Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita.”

She played the role of Corrine, an adventurous young woman with filial problems. Wanting to break free from her mother Cecilia (Vina Morales)’s strict parenting, she explored life to the point of disobedience. In the middle of the series, Jane’s character got pregnant and had to brave the ordeals of family life with her boyfriend Ryan (Jerome Ponce). Jane’s performance was on-point and moving despite her young age.


Shaina Magdayao

Shaped by a wealth of experience as one of the most in-demand child stars of the 90s, Shaina Magdayao emerged as a prime actress who shines in whatever role she is given. She showcased her versatility by playing the mother of Marco Masa in “Nathaniel” (2015).

In the daytime series "Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit" (2019), she portrayed Grace, who became the stepmother to Mikmik (Sophia Reola) upon marrying Michael (RK Bagatsing).

Although her role in "Can't Buy Me Love" was brief, her portrayal of Divine, Caroline's (Belle Mariano) mother, was the narrative's linchpin.


Bea Alonzo

In one of her most iconic teleserye projects, Bea Alonzo played dual roles in “Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon.” She was the shy heiress Rose. But she was also the feisty lawyer Emanuelle, who was married and had a son.


Arci Muñoz

Dazzling audiences with her remarkable acting skills, Arci Muñoz took on the role of Norma in the steamy drama series “Pasion De Amor.” Portraying a character who defied familial rivalries, Norma married Juan (Jake Cuenca) and together they raised a son. Despite facing numerous obstacles in their relationship, Norma remained a steadfast and devoted wife and mother.


Julia Montes

It’s impossible not to remember Julia Montes for her convincing portrayal of Katerina Alcantara’s married life and shortened taste of motherhood in the Kapamilya classic “Walang Hanggan” in 2012. No longer a stranger to mature characters, Julia shone in her second mother role and second team-up with Coco Martin via “Ikaw Lamang” in 2014.

Over the years, this “Goin' Bulilit” alum made a mark as an onscreen ‘Nanay’ who can be sweet and fierce, seen in the afternoon dramas “Doble Kara” and “Asintado.” In “24/7,” she also played a mom with badass strength and fighting skills working as a security agent on a dangerous course towards finding a cure for her child.  


Kim Chiu

Did you know that Kim was only 19 when she first played a mom for a teleserye? After charming everyone with her adorable portrayal of quintessential teenybopper roles, she took her career up a notch by taking on drama-heavy projects, and one of the earliest was the top-rating romance-military series “Tayong Dalawa” (2009) which she headlined alongside Gerald Anderson and Jake Cuenca.

In the latter part of the story, Kim’s character, Audrey, and JR (Gerald) got married and started a family. They discovered Audrey’s precarious health condition by her seventh month of pregnancy. She was able to deliver a healthy baby boy they named Adrian and soon died. Despite being a teenager and with zero maternal experience, Kim managed to paint touching motherly love in the series.

In the coming years, she became more open to playing mom roles such as in “Ikaw Lamang” (2014) and “Love Thy Woman” (2020). Currently, she plays the cheating-wife-but-loving-mother Juliana in “Linlang The Teleserye Version.


Lovi Poe

Throughout her extensive career spanning decades, Lovi Poe has transcended her identity as 'Da King's daughter.’ She has certainly made a name for herself through her pure talent and versatility, as she consistently embraces new challenges as an actress. In her debut as a Kapamilya, she tackled a demanding role as Iris in “Flower of Evil,” the tough woman who showcased determination both as a mother and a detective.


Miles Ocampo

“Anak ko ‘yan!” Miles Ocampo only needed one episode in “FPJ’s Batang Quiapo” to garner plaudits from netizens and become a worldwide trending topic. Of course, we all know she played the young Marites, the mother of Tanggol (Coco Martin) in the series. Her most trending scene in the teleserye shows young Marites delivering her baby by herself at the wet market where she sells fish. She owned the moment by shouting her now-iconic line, “Anak ko ‘yan!” as somebody threatened to take her newborn.


Bela Padilla

In her first project as a Kapamilya, Bela Padilla landed a key role in the longest-running teleserye “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano” as the loving wife and mother, Carmen.

Two years later, Bela starred in another primetime series titled “My Dear Heart,” playing Clara, a devoted mother to the baby adopted by her partner Jude (Zanjoe Marudo).

Erich Gonzales

We still remember Erich Gonzales in her braided hair and white camisole as if it was just yesterday. At 18, she sported this innocent yet sensual look when she made a breakthrough in the 2009 Kapamilya series “Katorse.” She played carefree girl Nene, who became a mother at 14. The show catapulted Erich to stardom and it helped her blossom into one of today’s top dramatic actresses.

Graduating from her teenage years, she took on other notable maternal roles in “Two Wives” (2014) and “The Blood Sisters” (2018).


Yam Concepcion

Before embarking on a hiatus to embrace married life, Yam Concepcion graced the small screen with her last appearance in the teleserye "Init Sa Magdamag," marking her first lead role in a television series. In the story, she played Rita, who got pregnant through IVF. Before her role in "Init Sa Magdamag," Yam was ‘hated’ for playing the mistress in the 2018 series “Halik” but also pitied as she tirelessly fought for her child. And in “Love Thy Woman,” her ‘kontrabida’ character exhibited unconditional love towards her adopted son.


Ivana Alawi

In the 2022 sexy-drama serye “A Family Affair,” Ivana Alawi experienced motherhood on screen, as her character, Cherry Red, shared a daughter with the Estrella brothers’ Paco (Gerald Anderson).


Sue Ramirez

While she triggered our ‘gigil’ for playing the mistress, Lexy, in the trending drama “The Broken Marriage Vow” in 2022, Sue Ramirez convincingly depicted Lexy as a caring mother to her daughter Kylie.

Through their captivating performances in maternal roles on-screen, we have no doubt that these actresses will excel as mothers in real life when their time comes.

*Photos credit to Ivana Alawi FB, Chastity Claire Dizon IG, Hannah Lexie IG, Prinz Skie IG