Kapamilya Snaps: Brilliant actors who amaze us with their versatility in portraying diverse roles in movies and teleseryes

If there’s one thing we learned with our months of binge-watching, it’s that acting is a craft of its own. When we see the same actors in different movies or shows, we somehow already have expectations for how they will portray a character. But when they do the unexpected, it’s always a nice little surprise for us because it’s amazing how they manage to put a unique twist to every character they play.

That kind of flexibility and creativity deserves the spotlight. In this Kapamilya Snaps compilation, we feature 10 Kapamilya stars that shock us again and again with their versatile talent.

Being an actress in showbiz since 1999, Jodi Sta. Maria has been in various types of roles. Although most of us know and love her as the charming Maya from Be Careful With My Heart, she didn’t stay in the rom-com scene too long. She branched out and took on more serious leading roles in the teleseryes Sino ang Maysala? Mea Culpa and Ang Sa Iyo ay Akin and the horror film “Clarita.” There, she may not have brought us the same kilig when she was Maya but it surely gave us major goosebumps that are just as exciting.

Another star that caught many hearts is Paulo Avelino — although not exactly with charming on-screen kilig scenes like Jodi, but with his devilishly good looks. Being good-looking, however, isn’t the only reason this guy has so many loyal fans. Paulo proves to be a handsomely gifted actor with his ability to switch between dramas like Bridges of Love and Asintado and horror films like “Resureksyon” and “Shake, Rattle & Roll 14.” Currently, he’s getting into more action with his lead roles in The General’s Daughter and Walang Hanggang Paalam.

The next actress would be hard to exclude from this list because how often do you see one actress portraying three different roles in one teleserye, right? Erich Gonzales’ performance in The Blood Sisters as Erika, Camie, and Agatha was one of the most compelling instances in Pinoy teleseryes. She continues to wow us with her striking bida-kontrabida roles and newfound talents like when she pulled off fighting scenes in the 2018 slasher film “We Will Not Die Tonight.”

Speaking of multi-talented artists, there’s this one other actress that always seems to have something new up their sleeve. Kim Chiu, our adorable Chinita Princess, is not only an actress but also a dancer, host, and even a singer for quite some time. These days, you might even find her vlogging. Her passion for pursuing different things really shows in her acting as well. We may have pegged her as the girl for comedies in “Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo?” and “Da one That Ghost Away,” but we were sorely mistaken. She stuns us with her performances in the horror movies “The Ghost Bride” and “U-Turn” and the teleserye dramas The Story of Us and Love Thy Woman, showing that whether it’s comedy, horror, or drama, she can certainly deliver.

Dedication to the work behind acting, of course, is what helps these actors become who they are now. Dimples Romana proves such with her years of playing supporting characters. This may have given her an edge in adapting to different characters as she can wonderfully play both bida and kontrabida characters such as those in The Greatest Love and Kadenang Ginto. She’s also continuously stepping up her game and standing out even while playing supporting characters such as the security guard in the horror apocalypse movie “Block Z” and the gentle Babaylan from fantasy series Bagani.

Zanjoe Marudo also has been in countless movies and teleseryes whether as a lead or supporting actor. It would be a surprise if you haven’t seen one of his comedies. One of our favorites would be “Bromance: My Brother’s Romance” (2013). But as much as we enjoy him in comedies, it would be a waste of his talent if he didn’t take on the dramatic roles in My Dear Heart and Walang Hanggang Paalam. His performances there show how powerful of an actor he is because he can truly make us laugh, cry, or even cry with laughter.

Also an actor we’ve seen portray numerous roles in the same scene is Jake Cuenca. As we know him best for his kontrabida roles like in Ikaw Lamang, he isn’t limited to playing just those because he can be equally captivating in his leading roles. We’re totally in for it especially when he played the dashing Isagani Esperanza/Roman Cardinal Jr.  in Precious Hearts Romances Presents Los Bastardos. He dips his toes in roles that challenge his skills as an actor such as when he conducted action-packed scenes in Walang Hanggang Paalam and performed in thrilling horror movies like “Villa Estrella” and “Sitsit.”

Taking on the challenge of different roles is nothing new for long-time actress Julia Montes. Since she started in the industry as part of the young cast of comedy kid show Goin Bulilit, she has been exploring more and more roles, each different from the last. As she grew in age, so did parts she accepted. We could definitely see her growth as an actress from playing the fierce Clara in Mara Clara to undertaking the dual-role for Kara and Sara in Doble Kara. Julia is continuously improving her skill as we saw her work in the action series Asintado and 24/7.

If we’re looking for the star that exudes the same, if not more level of fierce as Julia, it has got to be Maja Salvador. Her role as Lily Cruz in Wildflower and Camila dela Torre in The Killer Bride are just a few of the best examples. This also makes her great in portraying horror roles well such as those in “Sukob” and “Shake, Rattle & Roll 11.” Though, despite her strong aura, she is still able to bring a refreshing touch to romantic and comedic roles like when she played Mariz Florencio/Devin Ventura in Precious Hearts Romances Presents Impostor.

The last actor on our list may just be the one in your mind. For most of the recent years, he has gained immense popularity and praise for his acting. It can be none other than Coco Martin. He may be one of the biggest personalities now for his role as Cardo in the long-standing teleserye, FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano but he surely earned traction way before that. Before getting into the action-filled series, Coco had been in several dramas. His most notable works would be playing lead roles in the teleseryes Walang Hanggan and Ikaw Lamang. As he was making way in the industry, he began exploring roles in other genres such as horror and comedy. Common fan favorites of his comedic films are “Beauty and the Bestie” and “The Super Parental Guardians.”

What do all these Kapamilya stars have that make them versatile and talented actors and actresses? The answer is simple — their willingness to learn and explore. Surely, there are several more like them, especially with the growing number of budding artists. Who else do you think deserves to be recognized as such?