Action heroines: Kapamilya actresses who can throw a punch and pull off death-defying stunts

Gone were the days when female teleserye characters are portrayed as helpless damsels. In this modern age, they have evolved into fierce heroines taking on action scenes when needed. Here are some Kapamilya actresses who can throw a punch!  

Angel Locsin

Dubbed as a real-life superhero, Angel Locsin has a track record of four Kapamilya action series to prove her supremacy in the said genre. She did it first in Lobo, her earliest series as a Kapamilya until its second and third instalments Imortal and La Luna Sangre, respectively. In her recent teleserye, The General’s Daughter, Angel underwent physical and mental training with the Armed Forces of the Philippines for her role as 2nd Lt. Rhian Bonifacio. There was no stopping her from doing death-defying scenes including rappelling down a 15-floor building and hanging under a moving truck, without a stunt double.

Maja Salvador

All glammed-up and in high heels, Maja Salvador took on breathtakingly choreographed fighting scenes as the femme fatale Lily Cruz in the iconic drama Wildflower. She levelled up even more in her follow-up project The Killer Bride by serving us with an extremely horrifying knife fight, in a wedding dress and pointed stilettos.  It can’t be denied that Maja’s background as a dancer helped her pull off the rhythmic and well-choreographed action sequences.

Julia Montes

From an adorable ‘bulilit’ to a woman with badass strength and jaw-dropping beauty, Julia Montes first displayed her natural flair for action via afternoon series Asintado wherein she had to take on firing and muay thai training for her role as Ana, the personal nurse with a vengeance. After a year-long hiatus, her comeback project, 24/7 also showcased her fighting skills as she portrayed a security agent on a dangerous course towards finding a cure for her child falling ill due to a viral outbreak in the country.  

Kathryn Bernardo

From naturally sweet and romantic, the Queen of Hearts unleashed her tough side as Malia Rodriguez, the Chosen One in the fantasy series La Luna Sangre. Dressed like a Hollywood action heroine in her physical scenes, Kathryn fought against blood-sucking creatures using instinct, speed, power, and fighting skills polished by her intense Filipino martial arts training. 

Liza Soberano

Considered a major part of her evolution as an actress, Liza Soberano played warrior fighting for the ‘Sansinukob’ in the action-fantasy Bagani. She was baptized as Ganda, a name she effortlessly gave justice to. But more than just being the mystical muse of their epic world, Liza’s character was fearless, powerful, and equipped with savage fighting skills using her bow that can transform into a sword. 

Sofia Andres

The enchanting beauty of Sofia Andres likewise added ‘astig’ charm to Bagani as she portrayed Mayari whose biggest weapons in protecting the Sansinukob are her pure heart and warrior’s spirit, apart from the magical ‘kalasag ng kataw.’ One of Sofia’s most notable action scenes in the series was when she saved Datu (Enzo Pineda) by fighting the intruders, singlehandedly. Talk about girl power!

Louise delos Reyes

It was FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano that birthed the inner action heroine of Louise delos Reyes. She played Special Action Force officer Katrina Velasco, one of the trainees abducted by a group of rebels. It was followed by her portrayal of Yvonne Calata, a karate expert and a reformist working together with her group to expose the wickedness of Asintado’s main antagonist.

Sue Ramirez

Exuding a strong personality and feisty feminine appeal, Sue Ramirez was the perfect choice for the lady sniper role in A Soldier’s Heart. Even if she was the only rose among the thorns, Sue carried the torch of female soldiers and proved that we need women in the defense forces. She showcased how women warriors slay in combats and crucial decision-making. Of course, she also had to undergo intense military training for her role.

Mica Javier

This Kapamilya beauty never ceases to amaze us with her long list of talents and multi-faceted portrayals. One that captivated us the most was her daring portrayal of Lupita in the afternoon series Los Bastardos. She brought ferocity through spy and assassin adventures complete with awe-inspiring stunts. One of her most memorable fight sequences was her clash against Connor (Josh Colet) while she was dressed in a catsuit and high-heeled shoes. 

Denise Laurel 

Action has never looked so sexy until Denise Laurel showed her smooth yet biting moves coupled with a killer stare as the black werewolf leader Soraya Laurent in La Luna Sangre. She also wowed us with ‘major’ fighting (and cooking) skills as Major Alessandra Romero in the long-running primetime series FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano. 

Yassi Pressman 

Technically, Yassi Pressman plays a journalist turned Barangay Captain in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano. But during action-packed scenarios that are inevitably part of her life as the better half of a staunch policeman, she can easily toughen up and fight with Cardo Dalisay (Coco Martin) and his pack. She once joined him in his mission in a remote barrio, prompting her to learn how to handle a gun and defend herself as they fought against a group of rebels.

Arci Munoz

In the primetime series Walang Hanggang Paalam, Arci Munoz thrills us with her portrayal of a secret agent, Sam, helping out Emman (Paulo Avelino) in his troubles using love as part of her arsenals. The girl can catch bullets for the guy she loves! Arci is no stranger to all these actions as she recently completed her Basic Citizen Military Training course, granting her the title ‘sergeant’ under the Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC). 

Don’t be fooled by their sweet demeanor! These Kapamilya actresses have ‘astig’ fighting skills and stunts to show off!