Achieve glowing skin with celebrity skincare routines

As celebrities, they constantly have to look presentable in front of the cameras and their fans. It is practically part of their job to wear makeup. Although, having fresh and healthy skin is just as important. If you want to know the steps to their skincare routine, this exclusive has the answer! We compiled the answers of four Kapamilya celebrities from Search Party.

“Super addict ako sa skincare,” Maxine Medina admitted. Her bathroom is filled with all sorts of products with different sizes and purposes. Aside from washing her face, the beauty queen uses toner, essence, eye cream, and at least three different kinds of oil. This is only for her morning skincare.

On the other hand, Seth Fedelin shared that he only needs one thing—water. The former Pinoy Big Brother housemate does not actually bother. In fact, he sometimes falls asleep without removing his makeup. The most he is willing to do is wash his face with cold water to help close his pores. He stands with his face directly below the shower head for a minute or two.

For Miles Ocampo and Arci Muñoz, their routine is all about keeping it simple. “Hindi ako maarte sa skincare,” Arci said. Her goal is just to stay clean and moisturized.

Meanwhile, Miles does not have routine. Instead, the young actress tries to wear less makeup as possible. If she is not going to work, then she will not put on makeup. “’Pag sa school lang or normal na lakad lang, wala talaga,” she said.

Nowadays, having a skincare routine is more than just vanity. Self-care is one way of showing self-love. Which celebrity skincare routine will you try?