AC Bonifacio amazed with fans' knowledge of her in "Fans Vs Idol" game on Kapamilya Chat

Gaining five million views for her dance cover of Blackpink’s “How You Like That,” which won second place in a recent contest in South Korea, AC Bonifacio guested on’s Kapamilya Chat to share with her fans how she felt winning the competition and how she’s been spending quality time with her family in Canada. As of this writing, the very talented young dancer is on her third day of a 14-day quarantine at a hotel in the said country.

AC revealed that quarantine rules are not very strict in Canada, compared to the Philippines, but they still observe mandatory health protocols. As for her long-term plans, AC said she still doesn’t have anything specific planned for herself given the uncertainties of the pandemic. But she promised everyone, especially her fans, that she’ll always see to it that she connects with them through online platforms, such as TikTok and YouTube. And what better way to do it than show everybody what she’s most passionate about - dancing.

As for her trending, prize-winning dance cover of Blackpink’s latest single “How You Like That,” which received thunderous acclaim all over the world, AC shared overwhelming happiness upon receiving the good news that she won second prize in YG Entertainment’s “How You Like That” dance cover contest in Korea, taking home 6 million Korean won or around Php250,000.

AC added that she and her team never expected to win and stressed they just did it for their love for Blackpink, her love for dancing and creating videos. AC said friends broke the news about her victory while she was in her car and her mom was fixing their luggage with her team as they were about to leave the country. After hearing it, AC shared, she jumped out of the car screaming with joy while people around the area were all staring at her. While she has done many dance covers, AC shared, her “How You Like That” performance is her favorite because she and her team churned out their best effort in mimicking Blackpink’s original music video.

AC shared she’s actually been fan of Blackpink, or a BLINK, ever since she did a dance cover of the group’s previous hits “Boombayah” and “As If It’s Your Last” with Awra Briguela. AC admitted she doesn't really show how much of a die-hard BLINK she is online but people close to her know she is. The young artist shared that even before she gets to work on her huge dance production numbers, she would make initial shoots of her steps with her mom styling her and taking the video. She would then watch Blackpink’s concerts, wherein she would get fashion inspiration from the girl group.

As for the recent shoots for the Star Magic “Love From Home  lockdown Portraits catalogue, featuring the Kapamilya artists posing for snaps depicting their quarantine lives, AC did her own hair, styling, and makeup while her mom took her pictures. AC said it was a lot of fun for her and her mom and it became one of their cherished bonding moments together wherein they would discover new things about each other.

A lucky fan of AC, Justine, was given the chance to join the live chat with her. Based in Cebu, Justine shared that she’s been a fan of AC ever since she got to watch her perform on the 2015 reality dance competition Dance Kids. And when AC joined Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids, Justine was further impressed with AC’s talent, thus idolizing her. Another fan of AC, Gwendell from Pangasinan, also joined them. And this time, they engaged in a “Fans vs Idol” battle to determine who knew AC better—the ace dancer herself or her fans.

Trivia questions were asked, such as how many Instagram followers does AC have, who she appeared with in her first TikTok post and what was her first international guesting. In the end, Justine and Gwendell won the game by answering more questions correctly, leaving AC amazed. She would thank them for taking part in the program, while the fans would express their gratitude to AC for inspiring them.

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