AC Bonifacio tests friendship with Niana Guerrero in a prank call

We see AC Bonifacio and Niana Guerrero in sync with their swag and dance moves. Will they still be a tandem after this prank call?

During her guesting on Kapamilya Chat, AC asked the live viewers who they wanted her to call. Her fans answered Niana, or Awra Briguela if there’s no response.

As soon as Niana picked up the call, AC launched the classic prank call script where one bestie acts in trouble with mom. AC said she wants to run away from home after a serious argument with her mother.

Niana said she was willing to take her in. And that signalled AC to thicken the drama. She sounded tearful while telling Niana that she had no money, clothes and she hadn't eaten yet.

Here’s the cutest part. Niana was willing to adopt AC however problematic her friend is. She was fine with letting her borrow her clothes and feeding her. She was also concerned with AC’s mother.

Speechless, AC cut the drama to reveal that they’re being listened to by a live audience. She realized that Niana is her friend for life and, that, is not a prank!  

AC also shared that their moms are really close, “Our parents are like best friends, so silang dalawa po ‘yung nag-uusap so it’s very hard to hide things behind their backs.”

Watch AC’s prank call with Niana in this video!