AC Bonifacio learns old-school slang in ““Baby Boomer and Gen X” Challenge

AC Bonifacio is quite the face of Gen Z talent – cool, passionate and a true digital native. But what happens when the young artist takes on a dare to decode slangs from older generations? Watch her take on Kapamilya Chat’s “Baby Boomer and Gen X” Slang Challenge!

The first word was “resbak” which she correctly translated to “revenge” or “to get back.” She correctly defined “sputing” as “outfit.”

The next slang word was “toka” which she thought relates to the way someone talks. But the right answer is “one’s turn to do something” as in “Sa’yo nakatoka ang mga hugasin.”

“What is chibog?!” she exclaimed, assuming that “chibog” is synonymous with “sabog.” She also thought it meant “powerful” and “let’s hang out.” The correct answer is “food.”

Akin to new gen’s “sakalam” and “petmalu,” older generations also loved backward speech. Take for example, “dehins” and “erpat” which means “no” and “father.”

She heard “jologs” and “jeproks” before but doesn’t know what they mean. According to the Baby Boomer lexicon, “jologs” means out of style and “jeproks” means cool.  

AC hasn’t heard of “kopong-kopong” before but when used in a sentence, she figured it means “vintage.” Surprisingly, she knows that “amoy chico” refers to a person who smells drunk.

Learn old-school slang terms with AC in this video!