AC Bonifacio aims to boost Gen-Z talent on social media, stars in her own online show

It looks like everything AC Bonifacio does as a performer can effortlessly make it to social media’s trending list. The young star said she doesn’t expect anything out of her dance performances but she’s grateful for the unwavering support that translates to millions of views.

One of her recent trending videos is an ASAP Natin To prod with Vivoree Esclito and Loisa Andalio, who’s making her comeback in the program. AC said she loves Loisa’s energy and jokes and they share the same stylist. She’s happy to have her back on the show.

Add to that her dance cover with buddies Kyle Echarri and Darren Espanto choreographed by Niana Guerrero. It has already collated more than 15 million views as of this writing. The trio doesn’t intend to shake up social media, rather they just want to have fun, bond, and celebrate their friendship. And the result is groovy entertainment that makes fans go wild.

It only takes 5-10 minutes for AC to learn a whole dance. Take for instance her “Yummy” dance challenge with international choreographer Matt Steffanina where she had to pick up the entire choreography within 10 minutes. AC debunked assumptions that it was scripted or rehearsed beforehand, saying she didn’t fake anything.

“Everything that we we’re doing, naka-time po lahat. Matt’s assistant was timing every single little thing. Kasama po sa oras pati questions ko, lahat,” she explained.

It’s a whole different story, though when she’s teaching her friends, especially if they’re playful like Kyle and Darren. They call her a strict teacher. 

When making TikTok videos, on the other hand, AC can film as much as five drafts as she continues to discover new beats each time. She also makes sure to add her own flavor in each video clip.

AC takes her talent to a whole new level by starring in her own weekly Kumu show titled “OnZtage” starting August 28. The 18-year-old star is thrilled to show her real ‘makulit’ side and chat with guests. She also aims to use the program as a platform to showcase Gen-Z talent.

AC believes there’s something special in Gen-Z talent, “The way they think, their creative minds are so different. Especially with the online world, there’s so many new things that they can do and they like to elaborate even more and think of new things. There’s so much talent that the world needs to see.”For the Riverdale Star Vixen, social media isn’t just a platform to showcase talents but also to learn new things and there are options perfect for everyone. To those who lack confidence to share their talent online, AC’s advice is to never give up. Besides, life can be full of surprises. “Put it out there with no expectations and who knows what happens. Just keep going. You’ll never know. Expect the unexpected.”