Mashing Machine A Soldier’s Love

In this first episode of Mashing Machine, we've mashed up scenes from Sino Ang Maysala? Mea CulpaFPJ's Ang ProbinsyanoInit Sa Magdamag and A Soldier's Heart, and came up with an exciting and hot action, drama and romance story, featuring Ivana Alawi and Gerald Anderson.

In A Soldier's Love, Ivana's Lolita (from Sino Ang Maysala? Mea Culpa), who is a promising lawyer, is in love with young and brave soldier, Gerald's Alex (from A Soldier's Heart). But their relationship and respective professions will be put to test when Alex is wrongfully accused, and Lolita has to step up and help the love of her life from a crime he didn't commit.

Viewers are treated to a multiverse of ‘kilig’ and unexpected character pairings in “Mashing Machine” on Mondays at 6 PM on ABS-CBN Entertainment YouTube Channel. The ten-episode anthology series mixes and matches scenes from well-loved Kapamilya teleseryes to bring entirely fresh stories that will entertain viewers.