6 beauty tips from your favorite Star Cinema movie characters

Do you want to look as stunning as the lead actresses in Star Cinema movies? These are the six easy beauty tips you need to live by to bring out your natural beauty! The best part these do not cost thousands of pesos. Sometimes you just need to change your habits.

Aging is an inevitable part of life, but we can slow it down with just one item. Instead of buying expensive anti-aging products, you should invest in a good sunscreen! Studies have shown that ultraviolet (UV) radiation can speed up the signs of aging like wrinkles. So, protect yourself from sun exposure everyday with some sunscreen just like Teresa (Pokwang) from 2013’s “Call Center Girl”.

Our second beauty tip is from Kath (Julia Barretto) in the 2016 hit “Vince and Kath and James”. Joining pageants requires her to wear a full face of makeup for hours. This alone can be harmful to the skin. But you are more prone to clogged pores and acne, among other issues, if you sleep without removing your makeup properly!

You have always been told to get at least eight hours of sleep. Now, Luke (Edward Barber) from 2017’s “Loving in Tandem” is telling you that beauty rest is more important than you might think! Our skin renews itself at night. Lack of sleep can cause dry skin, acne, dull-appearing skin, and more.

The hairstyle you wear is another factor that can make or break your overall look. Patchot (Kathryn Bernardo) from the 2013 KathNiel coming of age movie “Must Be… Love” knows exactly how important hair is. If you are unsure and want some guidance, consider your face shape when picking out a hairstyle.

Pampering yourself, just like gals from 2006’s “First Day High,” is another way of enhancing your beauty! If you feel good on the inside, this will show on the outside as well. A relaxing spa day would be fun, but there are activities you can do at home that are just as relaxing! You are already gorgeous! All you need is an added boost of confidence. Find your best feature and highlight that.