Atin A10 Lang Luis Vera Perez

His mysterious and antagonistic character Dino may be hated in the first season of Zoomers, but promising young actor Luis Vera Perez is actually admirable in real life. While he also appears introverted, we got to notice how relatively cheerful and easygoing he actually is, contrary to the darkness and taciturnity that his role emanates, as he shares five fun facts about himself in this episode of “Atin A10 Lang,” an exclusive.

Luis, who came from the prominent showbiz clan behind the production company Sampaguita Pictures, began by implying that their family is certified pet lovers since they have 12 cats and two dogs at home. But it seems that among them, it’s their dogs named Cali and Kendra that he loves more since he lets them stay in his room most of the time.

If ever you bump into him and want to strike up a conversation with him, then you may offer him mints because he has a penchant for those. He would even ask for some from people around him, except for those he doesn’t know since he is apparently shy.

While it is arguably typical for guys like Luis to be fond of playing computer games, it was quite surprising and a delight when he confessed that he tends to be meticulous about the cleanliness of his room. According to him, seeing his room in disarray or something that is out of place can distract him and make him weak.

Are these enough for you to admire Luis despite his uncanny character? Catch him on Zoomers Season 2, weeknights on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, A2Z, and TV5.