35 Kapamilya actresses who dare to go bare in their no makeup looks

Being in the industry wherein it’s highly important to appear gorgeous and flawless most of the time, celebrities – especially the women – are expected to be all glammed up as they face the camera and meet various people in-and-out of work.

But, just like us, there are some days that they ditch putting on makeup whenever they are at the comforts of their home or whenever they feel the need to do it in order to let their skin breathe, too. While there are some of us who get easily conscious to go out or snap a photo without any beauty product on as we’re scared to let the world see our natural complexion and facial imperfections, the Kapamilya actresses featured in this episode of Kapamilya Snaps will surely boost your confidence and encourage you to not hide from those makeups nor depend on those camera filters anymore!

Going through their Instagram accounts, we could not only see glam shots and dazzling #OOTD photos of them, but their no-makeup selfies as well that also never failed to mesmerize us. Even though they have messy hair, skin imperfections, or eyebrows that are not on-fleek, these Kapamilya celebrities apparently don’t care as they even smile or strike a pose on the camera.

As we look up to these celebs because of their outside splendor with or without they makeup, they remind us at the same time that true beauty is actually skin deep. We should not only strive for outward beauty, but for an admirable attitude and a heart of gold as well because these are the kinds of beauty that never fade.

Besides, they also remind us to proudly embrace our true and natural selves and never be afraid to confidently flaunt our bare faces!