2gether: The Series stars Bright and Win captivate Filipino fans in media con

Two male leads of the popular Boy Love (BL) series 2gether, Vachirawit “Bright” Chiva-aree and Metawin “Win” Opas-iamkajorn, held an online media conference last Friday, June 26, to mark the show’s Philippine premiere on the iWant streaming platform this Sunday, June 28.

Due to the success of their tandem and the series, both Bright and Win said their schedules have since been quite hectic. 

“We're pretty tired," Bright said. However, his co-star Win added, “It's great fun to work every day.”

In their private moments off their busy skeds, Bright said he manages to de-stress by playing the guitar, singing, watching movies while Win told the online audience that he flexes his muscles by working out and engaging himself in sports.

The Thai young actors also shared their thoughts on why their series have become so popular worldwide. “It’s easy to watch, everyone who watches the show is happy,” Bright noted.

Win agreed: “Message is universal and people easily understand.”

Both also admit that during and after their show, they have become closer as friends.

As for their dream projects as actors, Bright was quick to say that he’d love to do a romantic-comedy-cum-time-travel type of program, while Win said he prefers to do an action film with a John Wick-style plot about a lead character who goes after the killer of his pet.

Another exciting revelation about the two actors is how they compare themselves to Thai dishes. Bright sees himself as Som Tam because he’s hot and spicy and mango and sticky rice for Win since he’s sweet as a person.

When asked what place in the Philippines they wanted to visit, Win noted, “I have one—an island. It’s called Boracay. Because it has a beautiful beach and clear water.” For Bright, he said, “I have seen this island called Cebu. Because it is a really great diving spot. They have beautiful waves. I want to go diving there.”

Meanwhile, fans fielded questions for the Thai stars as well. Asked if they have a magic lamp, what would be their three wishes, they said they wanted happiness, good health. For the third wish, Bright said: “I want this pandemic (to end). Because I want to go overseas now.”

They were also asked if it was their last day on Earth, what is that one question they would ask each other, Bright said he would ask Win, “Have you ever lied to me?” Then Win said he would inquire, “Will (Bright) come to my funeral?” 

Fans also queried how they would want to be remembered by fans. Bright stressed, “If nobody hates me, that’s okay.” Win would echo Bright saying: “Nobody (hating) us is good enough.”

They were then quizzed on what advice their parents taught them. Win said, “Always be considerate of other people.” For his part, Bright emphasized, “We cannot get everything that we want at a time.”

Finally, Bright and Win were asked the name they would give the BrightWin fandom. After thanking their fans for the support, both Bright and Win answered that “BrightWin” is “good enough” for them.

Win plays Tine, a college student who persuades the popular campus figure Sarawat, portrayed by Bright, for a “fake date” so he could avoid an admirer who relentlessly pursues him. Their relationship would soon evolve into something so special that they simply could not pretend or deny.

The hashtag that coincided with the mediacon, #brightwin2getherlive, became the top trending topic on Twitter in the Philippines.

Catch more of the fun and revealing 2Gether Philippines mediacon featuring Bright and Win in this video.

Watch 2gether: The Series starting tomorrow Sunday, June 28 on iWant.