22 celebrities who slayed Halloween 2022 with their “spooktacular” costumes

We may have experienced torrential rains and gloomy weather over the long weekend, but that didn’t dampen the Halloween spirit as there are still people who enthusiastically celebrated the annual fete by dressing up in either sweet or spooky costumes for fun or in attending parties.

Of course, our favorite Kapamilya celebrities didn’t miss it as they got to display their creativity through their elaborate and on-point ensembles with the help of their respective glam teams and loved ones. Check out this Kapamilya Snaps feature to see how some of our favorite stars slayed Halloween 2022 with their awesome outfits.

Andrea Brillantes

Andrea was almost unrecognizable as she gorgeously transformed into La Muerte from the 2014 animated flick “The Book Of Life.” She had her face painted like a sugar skull and completed the look by wearing a shimmering red and yellow sequined gown adorned with skulls, candles, and yellow roses and an intricate headpiece with small skulls hanging on the brim and enormous floral accent on both sides of her ears.

Andrea then switched to a Spider Girl suit as she went twinning with her boyfriend Ricci Rivero, who was cladded in a Spiderman costume.

Jane de Leon

Temporarily setting aside her Darna ensemble, Jane was portrayed a hot schoolgirl last Halloween by donning what seemed to be a school uniform, paired with calf boots and neon pink bob wig. She was spotted partying with her Mars Ravelo’s Darna co-stars Joj Agpangan and Mac Manicad, who were both wearing black outfits, as well as Joj’s twin sister Jai.

Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano

From simply being his term of endearment for her, Belle indeed transformed herself into the iconic fictional fairy Tinkerbell for Halloween, with Donny suiting up as Peter Pan.

Both of them truly nailed their characters as Donny wore a dark green top, dark brown pants, and dark green hat similar to Peter Pan, while Belle was stunning in a light green mini dress, green fairy wings, and a hair bun.

Barbie Imperial

Barbie didn’t just have one, but two costumes for this year! She initially posted snaps of her as the famous murderous doll Chucky, wherein she’s seen in orange hair, long-sleeve striped shirt, and denim overalls. Barbie then became Tiffany Valentine, a.k.a. the “Bride of Chucky”, by wearing a blonde hair, white dress, black leather jacket, fishnet stockings, and boots.

Alexa Ilacad and KD Estrada

KDLex also brought sweetness during the spooky yet merry celebration by bringing to life the famous fictional couple Emily and Victor van Dort from the 2005 stop-motion animated film “Corpse Bride.” Alexa has nothing but gratitude for her team, including her loveteam partner KD, who turned her childhood dream into a reality.

Alexa was really stunning in her blue skin and full wedding ensemble, while KD still looked handsome in his pale skin and black suit. The eerie forest set design made their transformation extra compelling and delightful.

Chie Filomeno

Chie was truly among the sexiest and prettiest nymphs we had spotted last Halloween. Chie donned a nude mini dress, glossy fairy wings, and stilettos that still looked great even though it was already morning when she went home.

Vivoree Esclito

Vivoree kept everything simple by putting on a studded baby pink dress, bejeweled hairband, and colorful wings.

Loisa Andalio and Ronnie Alonte

After impressing us with their acting performances as Jane and Edward in the recently-concluded teleserye Love In 40 Days, LoiNie eventually appeared ready to fight evildoers as they transformed into Black Widow and Spiderman.

Maris Racal and Rico Blanco

The talented couple made our hearts flutter when Maris dressed up as Robin Buckley and her boyfriend Rico Blanco as Steve Harrington, employees of Scoops Ahoy, the ice cream shop from the hit American series “Stranger Things.”

Maris then transformed into a gorgeous nuno sa punso by wearing a green outfit and red contact lenses for her Halloween season-ender shoot.

Elisse Joson

McLisse kicked off Halloween 2022 by sharing photos and a reel of their cuddly unica hija Felize as Mulan. She then posted outputs of her dystopian-themed photoshoots wherein she’s seen donning a full-metal and chain silver getup, while her partner McCoy de Leon was in a chain mail top and black leather pants.

They then had a futuristic pictorial together with Baby Felize, in which the couple both wore all-black ensembles, while Felize looked cute in a slick silver outfit.

Sue Ramirez

Before taking on a new role for her upcoming project, Sue and her boyfriend Javi Benitez depicted a pirate couple as they wore boots and bandanas and brandished swords.

Bianca Gonzalez

Those who have been following her on Instagram would know that it has been a tradition of Bianca and her family to dress up in coordinating costumes every Halloween. And for this year, the Kapamilya host teamed up with her daughters Lucia and Carmen to become Owlette, Gekko, and Catboy from the cartoon series “PJ Masks.”

Markus Paterson

The young singer-actor and his son Jude went trick-or-treating for the first time. They dressed up as soldiers from the video game “Call of Duty.” Markus posted a photo of them together that he captioned, “Jude’s first trick or treat was a success! Was also my first trick or treat as an adult/parent.”

Joao Constancia

Aside from swooning us as Cosmo from the kiddie animated program “Fairly Odd Parents,” Joao also had his IG followers abuzz when he posted a photo of him with his “Wanda”, who refused to show her face on the camera.

Darren Espanto

Despite the fake wounds and blood on his face, not to mention the bandage on his nose, Darren was still a dashing “Starboy” when he mimicked The Weeknd’s look during his MTV VMA 2020 appearance.

Kyle Echarri

Kyle took on the persona of Tyler from the 1999 flick “Fight Club” in his fur coat and red-tinted sunglasses.

Nikko Natividad

The Hashtag member shed off his comedic facet for the meantime as he gamely posed as a zombie groom alongside his wife Cielo, who acted as his zombie bride. It was her who posted their spookily sweet pictures, which she captioned, “Til death do us part.”

Janine Berdin

She may be a lady, but Janine chose to portray a male role for Halloween, none other than the popular fictional ninja Naruto. Janine wore a blonde hair and an orange suit similar to the iconic anime character.

Jayda Avanzado

A certified Potterhead, Jayda made magic this Halloween as an ambitious and cunning Slytherin from the highly successful book-turned-movie series “Harry Potter.

Criza Taa

Criza unleashed her sexiness as she portrayed Hollywood actress Pamela Anderson’s titular character from the ‘90s movie “Barb Wire,” by wearing a long blonde wig and all-black leather outfit in a party she attended.

Awra Biguela

Another celebrity to slay in two Halloween costumes was Awra. She initially turned herself into a Bratz doll by wearing a pink outfit and signature eye and lip styles of the said doll. And for a Halloween party she attended, her transformation into an Alien Superstar was declared the best look of the night.

 She wrote in the caption of one of her posts: “who would’ve thought that i would be the star of the night for this last minute halloween look. this is super unexpected because everyone slayed in their own versions of dystopian realness! i would like to congratulate myself cause i deserve this eme HAHAHA [sic].”

Pia Wurtzbach

Last, but definitely not the least, is Pia who, along with her friends, brought nostalgia through their themed photoshoot for this occasion. She portrayed the glamourous female version of the infamous villain Mojo Jojo, while her friends Renz Pangilinan, Angelo Eugenio, and BJ Pascual transformed into the “Powerpuff Gayz” trio Buttercup, Blossom, and Bubbles, respectively.

Prior to that, Pia took on both the roles of Romy and Michele from the 1997 comedy flick “Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion”.

Which of these fun and creative costumes is your favorite, or you’re likely to take on for Halloween next year?