2020 Miss Universe PH host KC Montero, swimsuit designer Furne One share insights, preparations for pageant night

A few days before the new Miss Universe Philippines will be hailed this coming October 25 through the first-ever edition of the competition of same name, ABS-CBN News correspondent Dyan Castillejo recently caught up with its host KC Montero and swimsuit designer Furne One to talk about their roles, perspectives, and preparations for the pageant.

Being in the local entertainment scene for more than two decades, wherein he worked as an events host and radio DJ, KC admitted that even though he’d already tried hosting some of the biggest pageants in the country, he’s been wanting to be involved in Miss Universe since it’s “parang mala-Manny Pacquiao of the pageant world”.

Since he’s the emcee, it is assumed that he already had the chance to meet the contestants. However, he refused to name who is his early favorite, but assured that the judges are going to have a hard time choosing the winner.

“They’re all very wonderful women and they have big hearts because you know, they have their own beneficiaries, which is different from any other pageants. They are very nice. I’ve met them through parang preliminary hosting sa KUMU. They’re all very good. I know you’re gonna ask me kung sino ‘yong favorite ko, pero ang sagot ko do’n, ‘yong asawa ko,” he told Dyan. 

When asked if he can predict who will take home the crown as soon as he stepped on the stage with the participants, KC related that he already did it in the previous pageants he hosted and failed.
“As much as I think that I can, I’m always a bit wrong because there could be that dark horse that comes up with the phenomenal answer. I think sa lahat ng pageants, the scores revert to zero when you get to the final question and answer. So, as much as think na ‘okay ito, this girl’s got the shot, she’s gonna win’, sometimes she’s not the one. And I’m sure, everyone else also has their favorites and then someone would come up with stellar, great answer or great performance in the final rounds and just kill it,” he said.

The 42-year-old host-actor also expressed how proud he is of the whole Miss Universe Philippines organization for being able to mount this significant competition amidst the current circumstances.

“This is such a different pageant because this is the only pageant in the pandemic, in the lockdown. I mean, there are other pageants happening in the world but this is a special pageant and there’s a lot of circumstances around that make it difficult. Trying to put together such a big event in such difficult time is a momentous task. So, hats off to Miss Universe people,” KC stated.

Dyan got to talk with world-class, Dubai-based Filipino designer Furne One as well, who was tapped to be the competition’s swimwear designer.

“It all started when Albert (Andrada) and Jonas (Gaffud) messaged me. They have this idea and they invited me to dress up the candidates. And I feel so honored and humbled because my heart is in the Philippines, you know that,” he imparted when asked about the process and creation of the swimsuit for this year’s Miss Universe Philippines.

Even though he refused to give us a sneak peek of how those pieces are going to look or divulge further details about the design, color, and fabric they used, Furne One revealed that the swimsuits, which are in one-piece and two-piece sets, are going to be bear his signature “avant-garde and different” patterns. 

“My collection is always known to be more avant-garde and different. As a couture designer, details [are] always important. I’m integrating my DNA, but at the same time, I’m thinking about the women. It should be them because it’s a competition. It’s more of putting it together, but not forgetting my DNA as the designer. However, we should not forget that beauty is simplicity and purity. So I’m giving you a hint of the color already,” 

Aside from the overall appearances of the outfits, he also made sure to consider that those can make the girls look more flattering when he designed it, just like what he usually does when working on the costumes of Hollywood superstars Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Shakira.

“With the Miss Universe Philippines, I’ve worked with Albert and Jonas to make sure that their girls will stand out. It’s not about me, it’s all about the phenomenal women. So Jonas and Albert are guiding me,” he related.

The conversation concluded with Furne One encouraging the Filipinos to enjoy and support the show, citing how “Miss Universe Philippines is so brave to push through with this competition”.

Pageant fans worldwide can watch the whole journey of the aspiring beauty queens with the commercial-free live stream of the two events on KTX.PH, the newest digital events platform that offers exciting online experiences.

Watch the candidates strut down the Miss Universe PH stage in their swimsuit and evening gown during the preliminary night this October 23 (Friday).  Come October 25 (Friday), fans can catch the crowning of the country’s next representative to the Miss Universe 2020 pageant.