10 Questions with Ivana

As Ivana Alawi answers 10 random questions that reveal bits of trivia about her, we couldn’t help but notice all the admirable qualities that shine through her answers.

We first noticed her simplicity. She’s an heiress, so that means she has and could have everything. That’s why it’s surprising to know that her idea of a perfect date is as simple as eating street food like fish ball. “‘Yung simple lang pero masaya kasi ‘pag masyadong sosyal, hindi na siya maganda para sa akin,” she said.

She’s real, meaning she doesn’t shy away from sharing even her embarrassing moments such as puking at her companion during a party. Admittedly, she often got into trouble due to social drinking when she was a teen. When she got home late, as in the next morning, her mom packed her things in a garbage bag and asked her to leave.

She’s a loving daughter. Ivana’s face lights up everytime she talks about her parents. She said her fondest memory of his Moroccan dad is when they went to a water park. “Pinasakay niya ako doon sa pinakamataas na slide. Natuwa ako kasi parang may tiwala sa akin ‘yung tatay ko na mahilig ako sa mga thrill. Thrill-seeker kasi ako, so natuwa ako na supportive ‘yung tatay ko.” Her mom, on the other hand, loves eating in hotels. It’s their kind of leisure since she was a kid.

She knows how to have fun. When not working, she loves to spend time with the family on out of town trips or beach vacations. She wishes to visit Paris.

The famous vlogger-actress has a big heart for other people. So, don’t look down on others if you don’t want to see her mad. “Because I believe that we should treat everyone equally,” said Ivana. 

By the sounds of it, Ivana is a true romantic. According to her, the greatest risk she’s taken was “magmahal.” She’s very open to falling in love, as well as its consequences, “Kasi ‘pag nagmahal ka, you take a risk by giving your all and loving this person. ‘Pag minamahal mo ‘yung tao, talagang lahat ibibigay mo. ‘Yung risk is baka hindi ka mahalin. Baka lokohin ka niya.”

Another reason to love Ivana is her unconditional love for the family. She said the best practical joke she pulled on a family member was the prank that came before surprising them with a new house and lot.

What else makes Ivana admirable? Well, she’s a good actress. And she’s set to showcase her acting chops in the upcoming Kapamilya teleserye “A Family Affair” which she topbills with Gerald Anderson, Sam Milby, Jake Ejercito, and Jameson Blake.