10 Kapamilya stars reveal their biggest fears

Everyone has something to fear. It can go as common as fear of insects or as strange as talking over the phone. In this video, Kapamilya stars get honest about their top three biggest scares!

Have you heard of someone afraid of dandruff? KZ Tandingan, as revealed by husband TJ Monterde, is terrified of those white flakes. Also, don’t let her speak to a telephone operator or front desk personnel, it’ll make her nervous. Quite surprising for a superstar who performs in front of a crowd! Meanwhile, TJ has musophobia or fear of rats. He hates horror movies with morbid scenes, rollercoaster rides, and anchor’s away as well. They have one common fear, though, and that is losing each other. 

Losing a loved one is a common phobia. Kapamilya celebs like Enzo Pineda and Edward Barber have admitted to this heart-wrenching fear. Apart from that, Edward can’t stand being alone for a long time. He used to dread heights but thanks to love team partner Maymay Entrata, the teen idol can now conquer the nauseating roller coaster rides.

For Maris Racal, the ocean can be one of the most terrifying places on the planet. She can’t imagine what kind of crawly, monstrous creatures of the deep might be hiding behind the waves. Earthquakes and cockroaches also send her into a panic.

The notorious flying ipis is a common fear among celebs like Xyriel Manabat, Chie Filomeno, and Jairus Aquino. Apart from the gut-churning insect, Xyriel also dreads having regrets; and Chie and Jairus losing a loved one. Jef Gaitan likewise hates flying cockroaches, as well as enclosed dark spaces and ghosts.

The fear of being offline is real. Zaijan Jaranilla can relate to that! The supernatural horror film, “The Grudge,” was also his biggest childhood nightmare that he couldn’t stand the sound of a creaking door or closing his eyes in the shower. 

Spiders will test the calm of AC Bonifacio and Aya Fernandez. Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin star Nico Antonio dreads getting separated from his wife. He is also scared of death and leaving his loved ones behind.

Whose phobia/fear can you relate to?