The Kapamilya Teleseryes Shot Abroad

Well, who doesn’t want to travel and roam the world? Whether it be the Eiffel Tower in France or the Canals of Venice in Italy, we’re sure that everyone wants to set foot on those tourist destinations and famous landmarks.

And lucky enough, these Kapamilya teleseryes found their way to bring different countries closer, made it possible for us to have an international tour without even leaving the Philippines. The goal to have the authenticity of the place even gave the viewers the feeling of being inside the story

5.       Only You (2009) - South Korea

This is another Filipino TV adaptation of a Koreanovela and it surely made us hungry and crave for Korean cuisine. The story is about Jillian, the character played by Angel Locsin, who went to South Korean with her best friend Jonathan (Diether Ocampo) to pursue her dream of becoming a renowned chef. She meets TJ (Sam Milby), who is looking for his mother -- the same woman Jillian was searching for to learn a secret winning recipe. They found themselves in an intimate situation which later resulted to Jillian getting pregnant.

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