LOOK: Mga artistang napansin ng netizens na may pagkakahawig!

Presumably, out of the billions of people in the world, there are seven other people who appear exactly like you. The idea’s kind of creepy, especially when you encountered your doppleganger out of nowhere. However, there are people who already found their lookalikes, just like some of our local who have found their long-lost siblings or twins in the same industry.

Bea Alonzo and Bela Padilla

With their striking resemblance, it’s inevitable for us to look twice whenever we see them on screen or in photos. From their porcelain skin and bewitching stares, the two could really pass as sisters or even as twins since Bela is only a bit younger than Bea. Plus, they equally exhibit exceptional acting skills as well.

John Lloyd Cruz and Joshua Garcia

Ever since the young actor rose to stardom, many dubbed him as the next John Lloyd Cruz and no one seems to disagree as they both possess the same boy-next-door looks and insane acting chops. With those expressive eyes and smiles, they immediately get girls kilig without having to say something nor flaunting their physique. Their charm also hit off quite well with various leading ladies.

Ritz Azul and Devon Seron

These reality show alumnae could be sisters or twins if given the chance that they’ll star together in a project.
With those sweet smiles and good girl charm, it’s impossible for us not to take a double look and capture the hearts of guys.

Sarah Geronimo and Morissette Amon

These two songstresses indeed match Your Face Sounds Familiar’s tagline: “ka-face na, ka- sound pa” as they don’t only have similar physical features they have the same singing voice and power on stage as well. After all, Morissette used to be one of Sarah’s protégés in The Voice Season 1.

Liza Soberano and Maureen Wroblewitz

After being compared to Korean pop idol Nancy McDonie of the all-female group Momoland, netizens found another celebrity who could pass off as Liza’s long-lost twin, the Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 winner Maureen Wroblewitz. Aside from the endearing allure that they share, which is possibly due to their mixed ethnicity (Liza is Filipino-American while Maureen is Filipino-German), they are also both admired because of their eloquence and style that prove that they are more than just pretty faces. Clapping back to bashers in a graceful manner? They surely ace the game! No need to wish for them to meet because they already did and even took a picture side by side.

Empress Schuck and Kisses Delavin

Seeing that she looks like teen star Kisses Delavin in one of her television stints, seasoned actress Empress Schuck took to Instagram to impart the goosebumps she felt and left a message for the former by commenting: “hi baby girl!!! You’re pretty inside out! Always stay humble as you are a lot of girls your age look up to you! Keep being a very good example to the youth. For me you’re the big winner.” She then attested it by replying “may anggulo” when asked by King of Talk Boy Abunda during her guesting in his late-night talkshow.

Melai Cantiveros and Klarisse De Guzman

Being the only girl in the family, it seems that Melai has finally found a sister in Birit Queen Klarisse. They may have different career paths and personalities, but they possess talents that people admired so much. Just look at their photos closely to spot their similarities!

Sarah Lahbati and Andrea Brillantes

Browsing through their IG platforms, we can immediately conclude that these two lovely ladies obviously have the same taste in beauty and fashion for there are instances that they wear the same lipstick shade and coiffure, and even stun in the same style or color of outfit. Both having beatific charm, Andrea could definitely suit as Sarah’s younger version or sister in a drama or movie. We’re looking forward for that!

Yassi Pressman and Jessy Mendiola

With both having seductive glares, flawlessly fair complexion, and sultry yet nice girl charm, many believe that they can definitely pass as sisters. Aside from scene-stealer beauty, they also capture our attentions with their remarkable acting flair and sizzling performances.


Barbie Imperial and Coleen Garcia

They once played sisters for the 2016 movie “Love me Tomorrow”, but we think they could also be sisters in real life! From their recent posts on Instagram to even their old childhood photos, it’s hard to believe Barbie and Coleen are not related.


Enrique Gil and Edward Barber

Enrique and Edward both have German blood, which would explain why they share similar features! But it still doesn’t make sense for these two to look almost like twins, especially considering their age difference.


Alexa Ilacad and Marian Rivera

Alexa has certainly broadened her scope since graduating from the kids’ gag show, Goin’ Bulilit. But aside from impressive acting resume and musical prowess, which was showcased through her album, we think there's one more thing fans haven't discovered about her. She and Marian share strikingly similar features, we believe Alexa is a time traveler and Marian could actually her from the future.


Liza Soberano and Natalie Hart

Give it a second glance, because you’re not just seeing double. Liza may have a more girl-next-door look while Natalie exudes sex appeal, but side-by-side it’s still hard to tell these two apart. So, if Liza ever wants consider a sexy look in the future, fans won’t have to imagine for the most part.


Barbie Imperial and Ate Girl Jackque Gonzaga

There may not be any mirror standing between these two young ladies, but they still look like each other’s reflection. Long wavy hair that perfectly hugs their thin physiques. Plus, the light, flawless and baby soft skin that is most girl’s goal. Barbie and Jackque’s features share multiple many similarities, we have to remind you that it is not possible to photocopy a human being.

JM de Guzman and John Estrada

Has today’s technology successfully achieved cloning? Possibly. The proof? Just look at JM and John. From their clean and preppy haircut to that tight-lipped smile, it is hard to tell whether these actors planned all this to purposely confuse people. Even small details like the shape of their eyes and facial hair look identical. Whether they truly are clones, one thing is for sure—they are two peas in a pod.