Zephanie, Jeremy, FANA, JMKO, Kiss N Tell tease about the 11th Himig Handog entries

In the 11th edition of the Himig Handog music festival, the competition welcomes other genres and themes outside the typical love songs.


Out by FANA

The entry composed by Erica Sabalboro and interpreted by Idol Philippines alum FANA speaks of the struggles of depression, wanting to make listeners feel that they are not alone in their inner battles. FANA relived a depressive phase when she was young to paint the song with ‘hugot’ and she’s happy to hear positive feedback about her performance.

The newcomer is slowly making a name in the industry. Being part of the Himig 11th Edition alongside her idols KZ Tandingan and Moira Dela Torre inspires her to keep on working for her dreams. She feels blessed but, of course, pressured at the same time.

FANA, who also tried her luck in The Voice of the Philippines prior to joining Idol Philippines, said being part Himig 11th Edition is an answered prayer. After all, her journey wasn’t always smooth-sailing but it’s the faith that kept her going.

She’s also excited to be joining Idol Philippines champion and batchmate Zephanie Dimaranan in the roster of interpreters. They are like sisters helping each other, which is why it doesn’t feel like a competition at all. It’s about fun and teamwork for them. On top of FANA’s career bucket list is to collaborate with Sarah Geronimo and KZ Tandingan.


Tabi-Tabi Po by JMKO

All of us are familiar with the old term “tabi-tabi po” which is uttered when entering a new, unfamiliar place with caution. It turns out the heart can be a fragile, scary territory that calls for a “tabi-tabi po” as well. 

Interpreting a song composed by his friend, Mariah Moriones, is a breeze for JMKO. This entry is a potential anthem for romantics who wish to take it slow in a new relationship. Because in this fast-paced world we’re in, it still pays to be patient with love. The music video features a group of friends trekking in a forest.

Talking about patience, JMKO proves that life works things out on its own timeline. He joined this years’ Himig 11th Edition as a composer but his piece didn’t make the cut, only to find out he’s going to be an interpreter instead.

“Tabi-Tabi Po” is JMKO’s current life song. Not only he’s learning to take love slowly but he’s also left with a bad case of LSS. The TikTok star dreams to collaborate with Darryl Ong, Bugoy Drilon, Michael Pangilinan and the King of RNB Jay-R.


Pahina by Kiss N Tell

What do you do when love comes to an end? Be brave enough to turn the next page and leave the previous chapter behind. That’s what “Pahina” tells us – the beauty of closures and moving forward after a breakup.

As the band name suggests, Kiss N Tell creates music from real experiences. The band was formed by childhood friends Joshua Ortiz and Aniceto Cabahug III, who both stumbled upon Jarea’s song cover online and thought she’d be perfect as their vocalist. Making Pahina was a long process, beginning with the chorus until they came up with the verses.

Jarea is taking up Conservatory in Music. She started as a classical pianist, taking her musical influence from Up Dharma Down, and realized she can sing after doing a cover of Moira Dela Torre’s “Titibo-Tibo.”

Now that she’s finally lined up alongside Moira in the Himig 11th Edition, the newcomer calls it surreal, “parang panaginip.”


Tinadhana Sa’yo by Zepahnie Dimaranan

The minuscule love experience of 17-year-old Zephanie Dimaranan doesn’t get in the way of giving us ‘saksak-puso’ anthems. She’s handed “Tinadhana Sa’yo” which speaks of all the ‘hugots’ and pain of unrequited love.  

At one point in our lives, we’ve been blinded by love, giving our all, heart and soul, to a person who can never love us back. But, strange as love, even the one-sided feelings make us happy. As the song reaches the end, Zephanie gives her soothing take on the line, “Siguro sa dulo,” keeping listeners hopeful that one day, they will also receive the kind of love they deserve and keep on giving, be it from the same person or someone new.

The music video likewise magnifies deep artistry, featuring mannequins which symbolize lack of emotion, a love that’s ‘dead’ from the beginning.

Zephanie instantly fell in love with the song, knowing a lot can relate to its theme. She’s also excited to take on this new Himig Handog journey and calls it a dream come true. The young songstress is proud of Filipino composers’ talent, thus she’s honored to be part of their storytelling.

The Idol Philippines champion urges the youth to support OPM since we are blessed with many talented composers and musicians. And what she likes most about OPM songs are the messages that come from the heart.


Kahit Na Masungit by Jeremy Glinoga and Kyle Echarri

Here’s something fresh and fun to play when trying to soothe an LQ (Lovers’ Quarrel) with ‘lambing’ or when trying to impress the girl you like dubbed as ‘Ms. Sungit.’ Young artists Jeremy Glinoga and Kyle Echarri brought life and kilig to this ode composed by John Francis and Jason Franz Pasicolan.

For Jeremy, it’s the youthful RNB vibes that set this entry apart. He also praises the chill, smooth storytelling that can be relatable to many, “It shows that sometimes emotions or the way you feel sa isang tao can blind you from what they are. Kahit masungit sila sa’yo, balewala na ‘yun kasi mahal mo siya.”

This feel-good song is something new to Jeremy, so this year’s Himig Handog will be more exciting for him.

Listen to these songs interpreted by Zephanie, JMKO, Kiss ‘N Tell, FANA, along with the rest of the #Himig11thEdition tracks on Spotify and on various digital music streaming services. The music videos of the songs are also out now on Star Music’s YouTube channel. For more details, follow https://www.facebook.com/Himig2020 on Facebook.