Your fave love teams bring us extra doses of ‘kilig’ and fun via Kapamilya Chat games!

As much as we love watching our favorite love teams engage in the most dramatic, kismet-ushered moments in the small and big screens, there’s a different kind of kilig when we see them try all sorts of unscripted fun activities.

Here are the love teams you ‘stan’ taking on the most exciting and kilig virtual games  for Kapamilya Chat!

KiRae took on a Compatibility Test

Before their debut on Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin, Kira Balinger and Grae Fernandez proved that they’re the love team to watch out for as they showcase ‘special connection’ in the Kapamilya Chat “Compatibility Test.”  

We learned that the duo shares a lot in common – love for chicken adobo, which they prefer over sinigang, for one. Their compatible taste buds like kalabasa than ampalaya; and Japanese food than Korean cuisine.

Both sunset lovers, they picked beach over mountain. Hopefully, Kira would get to fulfil her promise to bring Grae to Boracay, his dream beach destination. They’d rather go scuba than sky diving. “Mas may makikita kang wildlife,” he said. She added, “It’s a whole new world down below, tsaka hindi ko talaga kayang tumalon sa plane.”

They both think province life is more peaceful and better than city life. Their idea of a first date is going to a concert. Ed Sheeran’s music is another shared interest. Kira, not really a gamer, would go for mobile games while Grae would choose PS4 games.

At the end of ten rounds, Kira and Grae revealed 80 percent compatibility!


KarJon plays “Virtual Bring Me”

If there’s one important characteristic we noticed from Karina Bautista and Aljon Mendoza, it would be none other than their genuine connection, a crucial part of a love team’s anatomy. Their chemistry isn’t something forced, or else, they wouldn’t be able to easily squeeze themselves in the busy scene of showbiz. KarJon is a natural and they know how to give and take, as what we saw in this Kapamilya Chat “Bring Me” game.

Through this challenge, we discovered the most precious things they got from each other. They are so comfortable that when asked to bring items describing one another, Karina took a roll of toilet paper, disclosing Aljon’s comfort room habits. Aljon, on the other hand, opted for a hanger to reveal that Karina likes hitting him when laughing or feeling kilig.

In the second round, KarJon was asked to bring an item they received from one another and here’s where the kilig soared higher. Karina showed a letter penned by Aljon for her birthday. She said the card is kept in a treasured box inside her closet. “Labimpitong taong-gulang na ang Miss Independent ng Isabela,” said the first line in Aljon’s letter. And while Karina wished to keep the whole content a secret, the glow in her eyes revealed that it was sweet and heartfelt.

Aljon flaunted one of the tiny seashells that Karina collected from a beach trip. The shell as a gift might just be random and doesn’t have a particular significance but, for Aljon, little things matter most. He considers it as a lucky charm and always keeps it secured inside his bag. In that way, he could always take Karina’s presence with him anywhere he goes.


MayWard for “Sing the Acronym” Challenge

Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber ended the year 2020 by giving us all the smiles and butterflies.  Promoting “Princess DayaReese,” they charmed us in a virtual game that sparked Christmas cheer and childhood memories.

In this edition of Kapamilya Chat, the celebrated tandem took on the “Sing the Acronym Challenge” wherein they’d guess the title of popular Christmas songs given only the acronym, and sing a few lines from these jingles.

Maymay unleashed her inner diva by belting out 6 out 10 jingles! We also got to listen about their fondest childhood Christmas memories. Unlike Maymay who used to go house-to-house as a kiddie caroller, Edward didn’t experience such traditions growing up in Germany. He said carolling in Germany includes festive costumes, props, choreography, and rehearsed vocal blending unlike in the Philippines where kids can go door-to-door bringing only their DIY musical instruments. He added that in his homeland, carollers expect a bigger amount of money while kids here brim with joy when handed a few coins.

The tandem reminded us that we choose to celebrate Christmas and whatever traditions we practice, what matters is the joy and love we pass on to others during the season.


PatVoree “Compatibility Test”

Then-newest loveteam in town, Patrick Quiroz and Vivoree Esclito showed strong ‘kilig’ potential in the BL series and film Hello Stranger. The striking entrance of PatVoree tandem stems from talent, passion and the equal amounts of effort to know each other better. That’s the kind of chemistry they exuded in a “Compatibility Test” for one episode of Kapamilya Chat.

Patrick confessed that he searched Vivoree up on the internet as part of getting to know his new love team partner. It didn’t come as a surprise, therefore, when he showcased extensive knowledge about her. He knew the name of Vivoree’s pet (Kenji), her full name (Ma Vivoree Nina M. Esclito), her exact birthdate (August 3, 2000), and her hometown (Bohol).

Meanwhile, the Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 3 contender was able to give the correct answers to Patrick’s favorite sports (basketball), exact height (5’9”), and shoe size (10.5).


BarVes “Guilty or Not Guilty” Challenge

Barbie Imperial and Yves Flores would be charged guilty for stealing our hearts in a game that revealed their habits, personalities, and even violations on the set of Bagong Umaga.

The first question was about tardiness. Both pleaded not guilty. If ever it happens, the probable cause would have to be accident or emergency situations.

The most number of takes they had in a scene is about three or four, and usually it’s because they’d stutter or fail to deliver lofty emotions. They owned up to being called out on the set due to being noisy. That’s how fun it gets when having fun with the ‘barkada!’ 

On being a sleepyhead, Barbie said she’s guilty. Nibbling on salt with calamansi keeps her awake. Yves shared that he’s a night owl, so staying up late for work isn’t a problem for him. He struggles to wake up early, though.

Between the two of them, Yves is the more “marupok.” Both are guilty of having big appetite. Yves revealed that Barbie loves to buy them food and snacks.  She mentioned that indian mango is her comfort food. They can also be messy at times especially when in a hurry.

Check out these videos and let the ‘kilig’ travel at lightning speed!