You can earn as much as Php12,000 a year with this cashback credit card

Amid the pandemic, many families have been in search of ways to save on cash or maximize the value of their money especially when purchasing their basic necessities. 

As the economy continues to face uncertainty because of the global health problem, numerous households have been exploring bank programs like earning rebates to help them manage their finances conservatively. 

Food items, internet, and school supplies remain the top purchases for most families. 

There has been a surge for purchasing healthy food items to strengthen one’s body and immunity. Meanwhile, as most employees are now working from their homes, securing a stable and reliable internet connection has been a necessity. 

Students have been continuing their education through online classes too. A huge portion of a household’s budget is still allotted for tuition fees and school supplies. 

Metrobank understands the monetary needs and concerns of its customers especially amid these trying times. It remains at the forefront of utilizing the power of innovation in assisting its loyal customers with their financial needs that it recently launched the Metrobank Cashback Visa. 

The Metrobank Cashback Visa gives its users up to 8% cashback on groceries, telecoms (mobile & internet bills, content streaming sevices and cable subscriptions), and learning essentials (tuition fees and school supplies) when the P12,000 outstore spend is met. Outstore spend are other purchases like utility bills, fuel, online shopping, dining/ food take-out, etc, where you can also earn 0.20% rebate.

This means that while you use your Metrobank Cashback Visa for your non-grocery, non-telecom, non-school purchases, you can earn money that will help finance your major necessities.

A Metrobank Cashback Visa cardholder can earn a maximum rebate of Php 12,000 every year or Php 1,000 per month.  

Principal cardholders are not the only ones who can earn rebates. Their supplementary cardholders can benefit from this promotion too. 

Get up to 8% rebate on your essential spend if you apply within the promo period which is until August 31, 2021. Don’t spend more, spend smart and apply now.  For more information, visit