Who between Aljon and Markus will win Jayda’s heart in “Teen Clash”?

Zoe (Jayda Avanzado) is torn between her blossoming romance with Ice (Aljon Mendoza) and a booming music career alongside her ex-crush Jude (Markus Paterson) in the last episodes of the iWantTFC original series “Teen Clash.”

Ice was determined to make his fake relationship with Zoe a real one and finally confessed his true feelings until Jude unexpectedly returned to Zoe's life. After ghosting Zoe, Jude intends to rekindle their friendship, as well as their popular music duo ‘ZoJu,’ after he admitted that he still likes her. 

Although Zoe made it clear to Ice that she and Jude are just friends, things will get even more complicated between them since ZoJu is being offered a major music deal in the United States, which has been Zoe’s lifelong dream. 

Should Zoe decide to pursue the offer, this would not only mean that she would leave behind her band ‘Teen Clash,’ but would also give up on the band’s second shot of winning the coveted ‘Music Jam.’

Will Zoe choose Ice or Jude? Will Zoe decide to pursue her music career with Jude or stick with Ice and Teen Clash?

Teen Clash

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