When a friend’s painful betrayal led to justice and forgiveness in Kapamilya teleseryes

It is quite heartbreaking for anyone to know that your once best friend has become your bitterest enemy, but such a transformation is real and a part of life’s complexities—considered a hurtful betrayal even our Lord Jesus Christ experienced. Yet justice and forgiveness would reign in the end, as we see in these Kapamilya teleseryes where characters are betrayed by the very people they loved and trusted, such as their once best friends.

Rubi and Maribel, Rubi (2010)

The Filipino adaptation of the 2004 Mexican telenovela of the same title, it followed the life of the titular character impeccably depicted by Angelica Panganiban, who was dubbed as the “bida-kontrabida.”

Raised singlehandedly by her poor mother, it has become her dream to marry a wealthy man who would take her out of the slums and give her all the luxuries that she aspires for. She did everything in order to make her wildest ambitions come true – from befriending the affluent young lady named Maribel (Shaina Magdayao) who’s being bullied because of her disability, up to flirting with a doctor named Alejandro (Jake Cuenca) who she assumed was affluent. 

Upon realizing that Alejandro wasn’t the one she’s looking for, Rubi decided to go after Maribel’s fiancé Hector (Diether Ocampo) who she was able to successfully seduce and tie the knot with. Not yet contented with ending her friendship with Maribel and taking away the man she truly loves from her, Rubi even destroyed her fashion business and sent her mom to jail.
In the end, Rubi lost everything – her family, friends, and the man that truly loved her – and even found out about the marriage of Alejandro and Maribel.

Monica and Nicole, The Legal Wife (2014)

One of the most iconic teleserye ABS-CBN has ever made, it chronicled the plight of the titular character named Monica (Angel Locsin), whose beautiful family got shattered when her best friend Nicole (Maja Salvador) came into the picture as her husband Adrian’s (Jericho Rosales) mistress. 

From being rivals in school contests in their childhood days, they eventually became buddies until they’re adults. They even had a great time when they got reunited after years of not seeing each other, but that happiness ended after Monica discovered that Nicole and Adrian are having an affair in her own eyes.

They figured in a slew of intense quarrels and clashes afterwards and the rift between them continued to grow when Adrian and Nicole went on with their relationship until that spawned to a child of their own. Their marriage may have gotten annulled, but it was revealed in the end that Monica and Adrian still loved each other.

Dey and Lala, Langit Lupa (2016)

In this series, we witnessed the lovely friendship of Dey and Lala, played by Alessandra de Rossi and Yam Concepcion respectively, who have vowed to make all their dreams come true and face all obstacles in life together and be best friends forever. They established a shoe business, got hitched to the men they loved, and later on became mothers, both agreeing to name their daughters “Princess”.

However, the friendship of two families eventually got ruined when Lala’s husband, Ian (Patrick Garcia), stole their shares on the company to pay his loans. It got more awful when Dey’s husband Joey (Jason Abalos) asked for her shares for her operation after suffering from cardiac arrest. Unfortunately, Lala wasn’t able to shell out any money that led to Dey’s death and the wrath of Joey towards her.

After going on separate ways for some years, their paths once again intertwined through their daughters Princess (Xia Vigor) and Esang (Yesha Camile), who went to the same school. Unlike their moms, the two girls started out as enemies as the former constantly rejected the latter everytime she reached out. But eventually, because of Princess’ dog Pencil, which Esang adopted and named Yoyo after it went missing, they became best friends, without knowing what happened to their parents in the past.

Joey and Lala were able to iron out their fight and later on became a couple, making Esang and Princess as legit sisters.

Marga and Tessa, Pusong Ligaw (2017)

Another story of best friendship destroyed by love and envy, this revolved around the lives of best friends Marga (Bianca King) and Tessa (Beauty Gonzalez) who were also bound by a promise to keep their friendship forever.
Both coming from poor families, they’d been each other’s shoulder to lean on in times of trials, challenges, and controversies, number one supporter in every endeavour that they would take, and constant companion in the ups and downs of life.

However, their unbreakable bond got tested upon the arrival of Caloy (Joem Bascon), Tessa’s boyfriend who, unbeknownst to her, used to have a platonic relationship with Marga. As Marga still harboured feelings towards him and was envious of Tessa’s achievements, she seduced the drunken Caloy and they spent the night together. Tessa caught them the next morning, making her feel distraught over the betrayal of the two people dear to her.

As they went on separate ways after that fateful day, Marga and Caloy eventually became a couple and were able to build their respective enterprises, while Tessa got hitched to her former mentor Jaime (Raymond Bagatsing), who took her in while she was distressed over the sudden loss of her son to Caloy. They adopted a streetkid later on who they named Rafa and established a couture house in the US called “House of Teri”.

Instead of rekindling their friendship and forgiving past mistakes, the rivalry between Marga and Tessa got more intense once their paths crossed again as it already involved Jaime and their children Vida (Sofia Andres) and Rafa (Enzo Pineda). A slew of showdowns and bickerings ensued between them until their heart-warming reconciliation in the near end of the series. It can be recalled that Marga even sacrificed her life to save Tessa from being killed by Jaime. As a tribute to her fallen friend, as well as to signify the fulfilment of their dreams, she showcased the designs made by Marga on her next show.

Dulce and Isay, Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Los Bastardos (2018)

Dulce (Kylie Verzosa) treated Isay (Maxine Medina) like a sister being her beloved childhood friend. She had a heart of gold and served sick people when she came back to their barrio after finishing her medical studies abroad. She conducted medical missions and volunteering jobs for their hometown.

However, a series of misfortunes led to her transformation into becoming Isay’s bitterest enemy. From her failed relationship with Lorenzo (Joseph Marco) to the evil maneuverings of her mother Catalina (Jean Saburit), Dulce saw Isay as her biggest stumbling block to get the man of her dreams, Isagani (Jake Cuenca) , and would attempt to kill her ex-best friend several times. From pulling a pretentious act that she cares and suggesting destructive ideas, to leaking their plans of running away from their families and attempting to poison Isay and seducing Isagani, Dulce unbelievably did all of those. After those failed plans, including trying to stop Isay and Isagani’s wedding, Dulce pestered their married life and still did not grow weary of trying to murder Isay.

Dulce would continue to follow Catalina’s lead in trying to annihilate not only Isay but also the entire  Cardinal clan. In the end, however, she is imprisoned for life for her misdeeds, as Catalina was admitted in a mental hospital for her wayward condition, before Isay and Isagani live a peaceful married life.

Camilla and Agnes, The Killer Bride (2019)

In this primetime horror-thriller series, we witnessed how true love was still able to bloom between Camila and Vito, the scions of the two most affluent and warring clans in the fictional town of Las Espadas – the Dela Torres and the Dela Cuestas. In spite of the long-time strife between their families, which was ignited by the alleged crimes some of their members got involved in.

Amid the objections they received upon the discovery of their secret romance, they still went on with their romance and even had a child, until Camila got framed in the gruesome murder of Vito’s brother Javier (Dominic Ochoa) on the day of their wedding. She was arrested and got convicted, and was eventually shunned by her kin (except her grandfather) while Vito testified against her.

Despite pleading not guilty, she was still sentenced to life imprisonment and this ignited her wrath against Vito and everyone who turned their backs at her when they needed them the most. Thus, when given the opportunity to avenge the supposed death of her daughter and her woeful plight, she made sure to make them all pay by haunting them through the help of her confidant Fabio (Miko Raval) and foster daughter Emma (Janella Salvador).

Camilla’s best friend, Agnes (Mara Lopez), turned against her and was revealed as the real “Killer Bride” conniving with Alice (Precious Lara Quigaman) in taking Camilla’s life. As a ghost, Camilla would haunt and eventually end the life of Agnes in retaliation.

In the end, we’re able to find out the truth about the crime involving their two ancestors, the real identity of Emma, and the murder of Javier. From being rivals, the two clans became allies.

Ellice and Marissa, Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin (2020)

This gripping teleserye that came about in the most trying times told the story of former best friends Ellice Ceñidoza-Villarosa and Marissa Pineda, portrayed by seasoned actresses Iza Calzado and Jodi Sta. Maria, respectively, and how their once-beautiful friendship was marred by a gruesome crime that will forever change their lives.

Their rivalry goes fever-pitch and the intensity goes beyond scale, as more important persons in their lives are drawn into their verbal tussles, lurid face-offs that touched on not only their professional lives but their families and loved ones. All this because of Marissa’s deep craving for revenge when her former best friend left her to rot in jail and suffered for a crime she did not commit, and led a fulfilled life. This led her to reappear in Ellice’s life and sought her downfall, triggering their slew of conflicts, tirades and clashes that seemed unending.

Until Ellice was about to be felled by a gunshot when Marissa came to the rescue and took the bullet, which hit her at the back. Marissa would survive the incident and while she still has not fully reconciled with her former best friend, forgiveness still prevailed in the end.

Betrayal, though hurtful, is what people experience in their path to holiness, especially if they take the serene, profound path of genuine forgiveness, and as such, true justice shall always prevail in the eyes of God.