We dare these Kapamilya stars to a fun word quiz!

The new generation is known for their creative slang lexicon, tweaking the Pinoy vocabulary. While linguists consider this a good thing, meaning the Filipino language is alive and evolving, there’s so much beauty in learning the basics. In this quiz, Kapamilya stars review their native language as they translate English words to Filipino.

The players are asked to translate as many words as they can within a minute. Tony Labrusca represents the new gen as Ely in the barkadaserye Bagong Umaga.  He showed good familiarity with Tagalog words by getting a passing score on this quiz. He had some funny moments and extreme items, though such as “Adam’s apple” which translates to “tatagukan” and “love song” which is equivalent to “kundiman.” He had 6 correct answers.

Playing the kontrabida Sonya in Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin, Desiree Del Valle fared well in the challenge. Her best and most confident moments were translating “fresh” (sariwa), “dalampasigan” (shore), “picture” (litrato), and “blurred” (malabo). It just got a bit tricky with “stitch” (sulsi), “training” (pagsasanay), and “wallet” (pitaka). She got 4 points.

Enchong Dee had some moments of ‘tip of the tongue” syndrome. He was nonetheless impressive throughout the game. He gave quite synonymous terms for “grain” (butil) and “village” (nayon) which he thought of as “palay” and “barangay”, respectively. The winning moments for this round would have to be Enchong’s smart answers for “throat” (lalamunan), “competition” (paligsahan), and “triangle” (tatsulok). Five points for the chinito charmer!

Khalil Ramos performed well in the quiz, with a total score of 10. He slayed the terms “orange” (kahel), “complexion” (kutis), “promise” (pangako), and “grain” (butil). His translated “investigation” to “imbestigasyon” but the correct answer is “siyasat.” His idea of “sister-in-law” was “biyenan” but the right word is “hipag.”

Aren’t word games exciting? Try this with your squads!