The Legal Wife memorable catfights face-offs

How far will Monica go to fight for her right and claim the man who is rightfully hers?

Due to its relatable storyline, nerve-wracking scenes and lines, and the compelling portrayals of its actors, we can’t help but binge watch The Legal Wife on YouTube Super Stream, with Jericho Rosales leading the cast together as Adrian with Angel Locsin, who played his dutiful wife Monica, and Maja Salvador, who portrayed the plucky mistress Nicole.

At the age of ten, Monica found out that the “father” she knew was merely her mother's lover. Her mother actually ran away from Monica’s biological father due to their miserable marriage. When they separated, she took Monica, who was still an infant then, and left her two brothers with her biological father. She then sought a happier life with the man she truly loves. Circumstances, however, forced Monica and her mother to return to their true family, with which Monica ironically felt she never truly belonged. 

Watch The Legal Wife s memorable catfights heated face offs once more on YouTube Super Stream 1

When Monica grew up, she always tried to prove herself and longed for acceptance, especially from her father, who never truly knew her. Monica later found her real worth in Adrian, to whom she fell in love with. Despite her father and eldest brother’s disapproval of Adrian, Monica still eloped with him and married him.

Of all the people who came into Monica’s life, only one person understood her, her best friend, Nicole. She had always supported Monica’s decision to follow her heart. And, when the reality of marriage had put so much pressure on Monica and Adrian, making them experience rough patches, her husband found a listening ear and welcoming heart from her best friend. They would soon get too close for comfort and have an affair. 

Seven years ago, this teleserye with the theme of infidelity, used to engross the viewers with the intense confrontations and unforgettable exchanges between two women, who fell in love with the same man. Who could forget Monica and Nicole’s explosive and notable exchanges that’s been parodied over and over again:

Watch The Legal Wife s memorable catfights heated face offs once more on YouTube Super Stream 2

“Walang sa ‘yo, Nicole. Akin lang ang asawa ko!”

"Paano mo siya nilandi? Ano una mong tinanggal? 'Yang bra mo, 'yang panty mo o ‘yung konsensiya mo?"

"Oo, Monica. May nangyari sa amin ng asawa mo! At nang naulit at nang naulit at nang maulit, hindi na lang ‘yun sex! It was making love!"

In this story, the two-timer Adrian always ended up in the middle of the relentless skirmishes between Monica and Nicole.

When confronted about the affair, Nicole once again switched the self-pity on and used that, along with envy, as an excuse to somehow justify her stupid mistake. The devastated legal wife, of course, attacked her bestie-turned-enemy with insulting words until they ended up pulling each other’s hair down the floor. Monica called Nicole names, with ‘snake’ being the worst bullet wounding the mistress’ dignity and sense of self-respect.

The battle heated up when Nicole refused to raise the white flag and even continued begging for Adrian’s affection, forcing Monica to don her feistiest persona. We definitely loved the fearless Monica for dropping by Nicole’s office and for telling her to stop using her feelings as ticket to gain sympathy.

Watch The Legal Wife s memorable catfights heated face offs once more on YouTube Super Stream 3

Attending a masquerade party wearing identical gowns, the two women low-key exchanged provoking remarks. But then again, the legal wife was on fire as she told Nicole to back off, sent her out of their table, and confronted her in the comfort room. Still on that same venue, one of the most unforgettable confrontation scenes between Monica and Nicole happened.

Monica caught Nicole desperately seeking Adrian’s attention, prompting her to hit the mistress with a high-heeled shoe. But, instead of bowing down in shame, Nicole even shouted the confirmation of her and Adrian’s affair for the other guests, and later the whole world, to hear. Monica went full throttle as she slapped Nicole and walked out, with eyes burning with fury.

These and other memorable catfights, striking dialogues, and quotable lines from the 2014 romantic drama series that caught our attention and remained etched in our minds up to the present will definitely keep us glued to its exclusive re-airing on YouTube Super Stream for free and for a limited time only! Don’t forget to subscribe to ABS-CBN Entertainment YouTube Channel!