WATCH: Kyle Echarri, Zephanie Dimaranan play fun, exciting down-to-the-wire “Bring Me” game on Hotspot

Two impeccable graduates of The Voice Kids Season 2 turn up their impressive talent further as they are set to commence journeys of newcomers in an upcoming online musical series, “Artist Lab.”

Kyle Echarri and Zephanie Dimaranan actually competed on The Voice Kids Season 2 in 2015 and fascinated audiences with their immense, wide-ranging vocal skills.

After the competition, Kyle went on to pursue a successful acting career, and has been one of the most popular teen heartthrobs nowadays in his breakthrough stint on Kadenang Ginto.

Zephanie would move on to join yet another world-renowned talent contest, Idol Philippines, and emerge as the grand winner last year.

Their reunion is for the upcoming online music variety show “Artist Lab,” which will showcase fresh talent in the music industry while featuring celebrity guest singers. To bring excitement and anticipation to their first-ever hosting project together, Kyle and Zephanie appeared on Hotspot with DJ Jhai Ho in a virtual chat to discuss the quarantine life, the experience of doing online shows, and play the fun “Bring Me” game.

Zephanie shared that ever since the quarantine started, she has been spending precious quality time with her family more than ever and tried to make her stay-at-home life worthwhile by learning new things about music and the arts. Being at the cusp of a sensational singing career after her Idol Philippines win, she admitted it has been difficult for her dealing with the pandemic since it forced her to cease performing. However, Zephanie revealed that she is actually the type of person who looks at the brighter side of things, and remains positive despite all the challenges she is facing.

Meanwhile, Kyle, who is part of the phenomenal quartet of young Kadenang Ginto love teams The Gold Squad, is not a stranger to online shows. In fact, The Gold Squad has a regular digital program on its official YouTube channel and on Online Kapamilya Shows that draws a massive audience. His upcoming show with Zephanie will definitely widen his reach, and finally do a program about his first love, which is music. Kyle also said he plans to immerse himself in video game streaming as a passion.

Kyle and Zephanie then played a fun, exciting down-to-the-wire “Bring Me” game wherein DJ Jhai Ho asked the two to bring a certain item and show it onscreen after 10 seconds. The one who shows the item first scores a point. To determine the winner, he or she must garner the highest point total from the five items asked. First, they were instructed to get a facemask, Kyle quickly took out a black face mask with goggles and wore it. Next, they were told to produce a phone charger. Kyle again quickly showed one that was apparently just beside him. Then when they were told to bring a nail cutter, Zephanie brandished it first. DJ Jhai Ho would then seek something that is certainly not accessible right away—a cooking cauldron. Both left their rooms in a hush to find one, yet it was Zephanie who successfully came back to bring it. For the tiebreaker, the last item that was sought was a gift they received from a fan. Kyle and Zephanie again rushed out to find one, with Kyle coming back first with a pillow that showed images of him and love team partner Francine Diaz printed on it. With Kyle winning and Zephanie “penalized” by doing shout-outs to fans, the game might have been exhausting for them but fun.

Of course, being exceptional singers, Zephanie and Kyle did not miss the chance of performing a song they said they wanted to dedicate to their fans. Zephanie sang her beautiful rendition of “That’s What Friends Are For” and Kyle graced us with his wonderful take of “I Won’t Give Up.”