WATCH: Jose Mari Chan has a new Christmas song for Filipino families

WATCH Jose Mari Chan has a new Christmas song for Filipino families 1

Christmas is undoubtedly the most celebrated holiday in the Philippines. Thus, it is also the most festive, the brightest, and the busiest. But above all, it is the merriest.
As soon as the "-ber months" begin, families begin decorating their homes with vibrant holiday lights and colorful lanterns. Shopping malls are packed as people shop gifts for their loved ones.
And, of course, Christmas songs fill the airwaves. There's the undying "All I want For Christmas Is You," "Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit," and "O' Holy Night," among others.
But while there are countless holiday songs in the playlist, only one name rules in every Filipino household--Jose Mari Chan.
Jose Mari Chan, who is now 72 years old, is popular for his iconic Christmas songs, such as "A Perfect Christmas," "Christmas In Our Hearts," "Give Me Your Heart For Christmas," and many more.
For this year, Chan has composed a new Christmas song that aims to help every Filipino home make their holidays merrier.

 "Holidays are here. Time to spread some cheer. Great things will now appear. It's the time of year," the lyrics say.
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