Dimples Romana launches her Easy Sandwich Recipe Vlogs

Getting kids to eat breakfast is a universal challenge for all moms out there. But with delicious and healthy sandwich recipes that are easy to prepare, parents can easily achieve that. Just like talented actress Dimples Romana, who always makes time to bond with her son Alonzo even when she’s in the kitchen. One of their favorite daily morning activities together is preparing easy-to-make sandwiches for the family. 

Here are six of Dimples’ sandwiches recipes that other moms can do with their kids at home. 

“Make your kids a fun and easy breakfast. Madali lang itong gawin at masarap.” - Dimples 

1.    Mega Melty Sandwich

2.    Chicken Lava Toast Sandwich

3.    Hamcheeza Sandwich

4.    Chicken Bacon Explosion Sandwich

5.    Chunky Chicken Sandwich 

6.    Crunchy Hamwich

Just like Dimples, prepare to have fun bonding moments with your kids while preparing quick and delicious meals with Lady’s Choice Chicken, Ham, Tuna, and Bacon Spreads.

To learn more easy breakfast recipes from Dimples and Alonzo and discover creative ways of using Lady’s Choice’s sandwich spreads, just follow Dimples Romana's vlog on YouTube.

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