Vice talks about his past girlfriends

From the very beginning, Vice Ganda knew he is gay like his two older brothers. However, he buried this identity thinking there can’t be three gays in the family. He courted girls in high school, hoping it will make him a straight guy but only to realize that he can’t dare kiss or touch a woman romantically.

“Bakla talaga ako!” he thought to himself after the attempt to “cure” his sexuality by having girlfriends. “Hindi mo siya ma-explain pero talagang ‘yun ka. Hindi mo ‘yun mababago. Kahit pa anong klaseng pagbabago ang ipilit mong ibigay sa sarili mo, sinasabi mo lang ‘yun pero hindi mo talaga ‘yun nababago,” Vice told Isko Moreno in the latter’s digital show on YouTube.

“’Yung gender preference mo, kasama mo ‘yang iniluwal ng Nanay mo. Nandoon na siya, nakadikit siya sa’yo kaya hindi mo siya mababago,” he pressed. Besides, he realized being gay isn’t a disorder that requires remedy. It was about slowly accepting who he is. After all, coming out wasn’t a big deal to his family since they had an inkling.

With his signature punchlines, Vice reminisced about blooming late as gay, saying he had his first boyfriend in senior year in college. Growing up, he was really smitten by guys who play basketball, “’Yung tatay ko kasi lagi akong binibitbit sa mga liga kasi nagre-referee pa ‘yung tatay ko. Sama naman ako nang sama. Akala niya nag-eenjoy ako do’n sa sport. Sa player ako nag-eenjoy.”

Isko and Vice Ganda

After his fair share of heartbreak, Vice found ‘the one’ in Ion Perez. While their relationship isn’t perfect, they are happy and he can't even remember a time they had a heavy argument.

Many would consider raising kids a typical dream. But for some, like Vice, it is a battle where fear and prejudice are the enemies. He was scared of the hurt that his child might go through just because he is the father, “Ayaw ko kasing i-subject ‘yung anak ko sa social injustices, sa discrimination… Ayaw ko siyang ilagay sa sitwasyon na kailangan niyang magpaliwanag kung bakit gano’n ang tatay niya,”

This perspective changed when love came his way. With his married life with Ion getting stronger than ever, Vice found peace that he’s not anymore bothered by unsolicited opinions.

“I found it so beautiful na nasabi ko, ‘Kayang-kaya namin magka-baby… Wala na akong pakialam kung ano’ng sasabihin nila. Ang mahalaga na lang ay ibi-build ko ‘yung personality ng magiging anak ko, ‘yung character niya,” he mused, believing that even the ugly things around us, we can turn into something beautiful.

“Kasi gano’n naman ‘yung nangyari sa atin ‘di ba? Hindi naman maganada ‘yung nakapaligid sa atin pero dahil ang ganda nu’ng nabuo sa atin, kinaya natin lahat.”

From there, he went on to reveal that he started planning for the surrogacy procedures, “Nagpunta ako ng America tapos alam ko na kung saan pupuntang doctor. Pero I didn’t have the luxury of time to pursue kasi ang dami kong ginagawa.” He said it will require him to take a leave from It’s Showtime for a few months.

Vice is excited about becoming a parent “’Pag nakakakita ako ngayon ng baby, iba ‘yung nararamdaman ko sa loob.” He wishes to have a baby girl or maybe boy and girl twins. Whatever the gender, he can promise to give the world to his child.  “’Yung mga hindi ko na-experience, ipapa-experience ko sa kanila. We will experience that together.”

The Unkabogable Star wears his pride on his sleeve, raising the flag for his beloved LGBT community. Asked if he feels offended when netizens turn him into memes, he answered that he only finds it offensive if it’s a mockery to the LGBT group. And he will never be just silent about it.

“I am part of a community and somehow meron akong social obligation for that community. So, minsan kahit personally hindi naman ako na-offend, I will be offended for them, for the community, that’s why I needed to step up.”

“Hindi rin kasi ako pwedeng balat-sibuyas kasi okray ako,” he said. Vice understands that not everyone will buy his sarcasm-heavy brand of comedy. He recalled the time he was chosen by the family of the late Comedy King Dolphy as the first recipient of the FAMAS Dolphy King of Comedy Award, which his mother, Nanay Rosario, received on his behalf. He considers it his most memorable accolade because of the amount of bashing that came with it and how the Quizon family came to his defense.

Growing up on the streets of Manila, Vice learned to embrace sarcasm as lifestyle, which somehow toughened him for showbiz, “Kung hindi makapal ang apog mo, lalamunin ka ng sistema. Lalamunin ka ng mga kasamahan mo. Lalamunin ka ng mga hindi mo kasundo.”

But that doesn’t mean he’s immune to getting hurt and triggered by foul comments. “However strong you are, there will come a point maiiyak ka kasi hindi naman all the time strong tayo, eh.” And just because he’s in the limelight doesn’t mean he can’t shut down his bashers when needed, “Pwede akong maging mabait pero pwede din ako maging hindi mabait depende sa sitwasyon at sa taong dine-deal ko.”

His biggest takeaway from his journey: authenticity. Vice is proud of his story, especially his roots. Ask him about his childhood and he will enthusiastically share his fondest memories on the streets of Manila. He will talk about going to his Lola’s stall in the market to ask for allowance for his school projects.

Vice has been in the industry for 20 years, with blockbuster movies, concerts, and numerous accolades under his belt that make him worthy to be called a superstar. However, he feels conscious about the “superstar” tag, acknowledging with all humility that the title already belongs to Nora Aunor. He would rather call himself “The Unkabogable Superstar.”

Vice, whose biggest celebrity crush growing up was Richard Gomez, mentioned that he didn’t see himself joining showbiz. But he was certain that he will go places.

Isko and Vice Ganda
Photo credit to Isjo Donagoso Moreno FB

To cap off the interview, he played a game wherein he must come up with movie titles given only the genre and lead stars. He had hilarious film suggestions for his It’s Showtime co-hosts Anne Curtis and Vhong Navarro, and his possible collaboration with Isko.

He also took on a This-or-That challenge. It must be a struggle to pick between the options, so he just settled for what is practical. For instance, he chose handsome guy with body odor than bad breath, “Kasi hindi mo naman kakausapin ‘yung kili-kili, eh.”

Between a person who farts loudly and snores loudly, he’d rather go for option number one, “Kasi precious sa atin ang tulog” He’d rather skip brushing his teeth than skip the shower. Asked to choose between the person he loves and the one who loves him, he imparted that nothing beats the feeling of mutual affection, but if he has to choose, he’d rather be the one sending love.

In the next challenge, Vice showcased his sparkling sales talk to market ordinary items like a chamber pot, which he described as dual purpose – a handy toilet and a helmet. Next, how would he endorse black pepper? “Pamintang buo, ito po ay mabisa kung gusto mong malaman kung straight ang jowa mo. Ilalagay mo lang ‘to sa kape niya, ‘pag siya ay na-hatsing, ibig sabihin, ay naku, kaduda-duda ang pagiging lalaki niya.” LOL! In the final round, he must market the chamber pot and pepper in one. He received a special gift for every round.

The last game was a test of Vice and Isko’s ‘inuman’ expertise as they guessed the brand of the mystery alcoholic drinks.

Watch the video and you will surely get drunk on fun and laughter!