Valentines 2024 Date Ideas From Teleseryes

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! And just in case you still don’t have plans on how you and your significant other are going to celebrate it, fret not anymore because we got you covered! In this special feature, we listed 10 simple yet fun and sweet date ideas inspired by ongoing and recent teleseryes that you may want to consider.


Start a new hobby together (FPJ’s Batang Quiapo)

Coming up with fun and unique things to do with your special someone can be quite tiring and hard. But, what if you start doing a new hobby together that both of you can enjoy? If both of you have been planning to begin a hobby, yet you can’t find the motivation to do so, you may try to do an activity that both of you can enjoy – just like boxing. It can also be a great way to bond with each other, like how it did to Annika (Dexie Diaz) and Santino (Ronwaldo Martin) in this scene.


Prepare food for your partner (FPJ’s Batang Quiapo)

Just in case your beloved is too busy on Valentine’s Day or you simply want to make him/her feel special, you may consider preparing food for him/her and bringing it to him/her yourself. Like in this scene wherein Annika cooked lasagna for her Santino as her way of expressing her gratitude to him…and impressing him since she apparently has fallen in love with him already, too.


Watch a live performance (FPJ’s Batang Quiapo)

No budget to watch a concert or a gig? Well, you may opt to watch a live performance for free, such as busking, especially now that it has become popular. While they were on their way to where Mokang (Lovi Poe) stays, she and Tanggol (Coco Martin) spotted a crowd watching a band playing music at a park. But instead of simply watching, Tanggol mustered the courage to sing a song for Mokang in her pursuit of finally getting her sweet “yes” to be his girlfriend. Kilig!


Going on a joyride at night (Can’t Buy Me Love)

Grilled balut, anyone? If ever you or one of you haven’t tried it yet, then this can be a great time for you to do it! While Bingo (Donny Pangilinan) is already familiar with this new and trending street food, Caroline (Belle Mariano) has not tried it yet, so he treats her with one in this scene from Can’t Buy Me Love. Once they were done, he had her try the “Binondo Kuliglig Experience” and drove through the bustling highway of Manila until they arrived at their favorite meeting place. Going on a joyride at night can be an exciting adventure, right?


Embark on the thrilling rides in a perya (Can’t Buy Me Love)

A little adrenaline rush wouldn’t harm, right? Seeing how upset and stressed Caroline was, Bingo came up with the idea of taking her on a spontaneous motorcycle ride and trip to a perya. This is a great idea if you want to take your special someone on an exciting date but you’re on a budget like Bingo. From embarking on various rides to having a food trip to going on a stroll, you cannot definitely go wrong with perya!


Food trip date with friends (Senior High)

Who said that dates are for couples or two persons only? If you’re okay with it, you may opt to have a group date with your bestie and your respective partners and go somewhere all of you wish to come. It’s also best if you are from the same circle, just like Sky (Andrea Brillantes), Obet (Kyle Echarri), Roxy (Xyriel Manabat), and Tim (Zaijian Jaranilla) in Senior High. Regardless of what you do, what’s more important is that you enjoy each other’s company.


Go on coffee break or lunchbreak together (Pira-Pirasong Paraiso)

Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday, meaning most of us have work. Just in case you and your partner are colleagues or work near one another and you still want to squeeze in your date in your hectic schedule for that day, then you may consider going on a coffee break or lunch break together. Elon (KD Estrada) and Angela (Alexa Ilacad) were not yet an item in this scene from Pira-Pirasong Paraiso, but it’s already kilig.


Have a dinner date (Mars Ravelo’s Darna)

If ever you have the money to spend for the occasion, then you may opt to book a lovely candlelit dinner date for your significant other at your favorite restaurant. It may be the usual thing during Valentine’s, yet it’s foolproof. But just like what Brian (Joshua Garcia) told Narda (Jane de Leon) in this scene from Mars Ravelo’s Darna, there doesn’t have to be an occasion for us to make our partners feel how special and cherished they are.


Go on a nature trip (Dirty Linen)

Are you both nature lovers and adventure junkies? Then going on hike or trek is a great idea, like what Chiara (Francine Diaz) and Nico (Seth Fedelin) did in this scene. It can be tiring and you may get sweaty or dirty in the end, but those are all worth it since you will not only have the chance to get to know each other as you talk on your way to your destination, but you are also going to be treated with a breathtaking view that you’re about to see at the end of the trail. It’s also better if you will go on camping afterward and spend the night looking at the stars and talking about life.


Date at home (The Iron Heart)


During the pandemic, everyone of us had to adjust and limit our activities. Since we were discouraged from going out and dining in restaurants wasn’t allowed, we came up with creative ways how to still take our sweethearts on a date even just in the comforts of our homes. Many have seemed to do it until now because aside from only spending less, it’s also a good way to impress your partner with your skills and creativity and to be more intimate with one another. Take for example Eros (Jake Cuenca), who surprised Nyx (Sofia Andres) with a simple yet hearty dinner date at home in this scene from The Iron Heart.

Which of these are you likely to do with your better half, Kapamilya?