Unique gift ideas you can give your loved ones this Christmas!

Christmas is the merriest, yet the most daunting season of our every year. Aside from the tons of workloads you have to accomplish before your company’s break and the heavy traffic you have to conquer, you also have to think about what to prepare for your noche buena and what gifts to give your loved ones, friends, co-workers, and inaanaks.

So, if you’re still troubled, you may consider the Christmas gift ideas we listed in this feature that will be surely appreciated by your recipients and put a smile onto their faces!


Face masks and face shield

Now that we’re living in a “new normal”, face masks and face shields have become a must! What better way to make your loved ones feel that you care than giving them these paraphernalia that they can use every time they need to go out. It could be the simple ones you can purchase at a store near you or the fashionable or customized ones that you can avail on online shops. You may also add alcohol or other sanitary products!


Utensil set

Apart from the mask and shield, it’s highly advisable for us to be armed with our own cutlery set that we can use if we have to dine in fastfood chains or restaurants as we go out to our personal errands. A set usually includes straws of various sizes and a straw brush, yet there are also costlier ones that contains a stainless-steel spoon, fork, and a pair of chopsticks. There are also stores that offer personalize utensil sets by engraving the owner’s name on each piece.

It’s not only safe for us, but for our environment as well as it helps reduce plastic waste. Perhaps, this will inspire your loved one to live a more sustainable lifestyle.



Since majority of us are working at home, gifting your family or friends with their favorite grub, introducing them to a new snack, or any kind of food that you think they will love could be a brilliant idea. Now that our lives revolve around our homes, many of us have probably spent most of our days eating, especially when we work or watch our favorite series or movies. Besides, there’s an adage that says “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, right?


Online movie passes

And speaking of movies, now that majority of the cinemas are still closed, showing of films has been moved to online. While there are flicks that already available on YouTube and other streaming platforms, there are also others that can only be watched via pay-per-view, such as those who are included in the highly anticipated Metro Manila Film Festival 2020. So, purchasing movie passes that you can share with your loved ones could be a great option.


Personalized video greeting from your Kapamilya stars

And last, but definitely not the least is a personalized video greeting from the most beloved Kapamilya star of a family member or a friend of yours. Yes, you’ve read that right! Unlike before, it’s now already easy to ask for a personalized video greeting from your loved-one’s most favorite ABS-CBN artist – thanks to FanLove!



Just in case you haven’t heard about it yet, FanLove  is an online platform where you can request artists to record a personalized video greeting, or ask them to dedicate a song for the recipient of the video, at a specific price. And since it’s Christmas, they’re having a special holiday promo from December 24, 2020 until January 7, 2021 only!

Aside from the fact that it’s safer since you can avoid crowded places during this quarantine and Christmas rush as you can get this without leaving the house, this more appealing, more touching, and more unique gift will certainly not be forgotten by your loved ones.

Unique gift ideas you can give your loved ones this Christmas  1

Unique gift ideas you can give your loved ones this Christmas  2

Regardless of the gift we will give or receive this Christmas, may we be reminded of the true spirit of this season!