Unexpected Teleserye Tandems 2023

The year 2023 was indeed exciting for avid Kapamilya viewers because we didn’t get to only see one or two new teleserye, but we were served with six! And we've certainly found ourselves not just enamored with the captivating narrative and compelling performances by the actors of each series, but of the unexpected tandems that emerged as the stories continue to unfold.

And in this special feature, let’s look back on the onscreen pairs that we really didn’t see coming, and, at the same time, wish to flourish and see more in the years to come.  


Coco Martin and Ivana Alawi

From the get-go, we’ve already noticed the striking chemistry between Coco and Ivana. And we begin to ship them even more when their characters Tanggol and Bubbles become partners-in-crime as they fulfill the missions entrusted to them by Chief Espinas (Jaclyn Jose). They were able to further exhibit their caliber as actors, but also their onscreen connection especially when they do fight scenes together and their characters had to pretend that they’re a couple.


Ronwaldo Martin and Dexie Diaz

Another kilig pair that is hatched in FPJ’s Batang Quiapo is Ronwaldo and Dexie, who endear us with their depiction of young love through their characters Santino and Annika. Many people are certainly able to relate with them, especially those who had gone through infatuation when they were still their age. Indeed, their team-up provides kilig relief to the series laden with drama and action.


Jake Cuenca and Sofia Andres

The Iron Heart might also be an action-drama series, but it also had its own share of romance. And among those who were able to provide it were Jake and Sofia, who played Eros and Nyx, respectively.  Those who had or have been through unrequited love could surely identify with Sofia’s character, who had always been there to help Jake’s Eros resolve all his problems and take good care of him. It might have taken after some time for Eros to reciprocate it, but the wait was worth it as they’re one of the most awe-inspiring love stories we’ve ever seen.


Dimples Romana and Christian Vasquez

Who says that baddies cannot fall in love? In The Iron Heart, we didn’t just witness a slew of intense and bloody skirmishes, but the amusing love journey as well of antagonists Selene and Orcus, compellingly portrayed by Dimples and Christian. Aside from the kilig brought by their organic chemistry, they also delivered good vibes to the viewers through their hilarious antics and dialogues, especially Orcus’ ridiculous personality and way of winning the affection of his one and only “baby love.”


Christian Bables and Jennica Garcia

As much as how Dirty Linen was talked about throughout its successful run, the same happened to the unexpected team-up of Christian and Jennica, who truly endeared us as Max and Lala. Aside from astonishing us with their flair in doing action and drama, they also got us kilig and amused by their scenes together that were so adorable. With how compelling their performances were, many wishes that what they have onscreen will become for real. However, both of them claim that they’re just friends for now.


Charlie Dizon and Joseph Marco

Now that their characters are free to continue what they used to have before she became his stepmom, although it is going to be awkward, viewers of Pira-Pirasong Paraiso are looking forward to seeing what will happen to Vlad and Diana, impressively played by Joseph Marco and Charlie Dizon. At the same time, we are always thrilled to see them together, such as when they had a lighthearted conversation during their siblings’ engagement party. The chemistry between Charlie and Joseph is really promising, right?


Andrea Brillantes and JK Labajo

Coming from the same generation of artists, Andrea and JK probably crossed paths a number of times when they were still kids. And this year, they finally got the chance to work opposite each other in Senior High, wherein JK got to do scenes with two different characters of Andrea – Luna and Sky – to whom his Gino is romantically linked. While it has been established that she doesn’t have a definite onscreen partner in this series, yet it’s truly impossible not to notice the chemistry that they have.


Xyriel Manabat x Elijah Canlas

Love-hate relationships indeed never fail to make a successful romantic-comedy. And that’s what Xyriel and Elijah have been serving us as they portray Roxy and Archie, who, from being hostile, are becoming sympathetic and friendly with each other. It may also be their first time working together, but Xyriel and Elijah have also gained throngs of passionate shippers wishing that their characters are going to end together in Senior High.


Zaijian Jaranilla and Miggy Jimenez

The only LGBTQIA+ tandem in this list, as well as in the current repertoire of ABS-CBN. Aside from being good-looking and promising young actors, Zaijian and Miggy actually have other similarities that many of us perhaps don’t know yet. Both of them actually used to be child stars and did gay-themed projects before starring together in Senior High. There’s no stopping Zaijian and Miggy from hitting their aim to make us kilig as Tim and Poch.


Maris Racal and Anthony Jennings

Last, but definitely not the least in this list is the dynamic duo of Maris and Anthony, whose unlikely team-up in Can’t Buy Me Love as Irene and Snoop has been trending online due to a completely droll yet adorable scene that they did together. As both of them did well in that particular scene, not to mention how oozing they are with chemistry and comedic chops, social media users wish that they will be given the chance to star in another project with them as the main stars.

Which of these unexpected teamups do you wish to see more of in the years to come, Kapamilya?