TV Premiere Of Block Z, A Certified Blockbuster Hit On It’s First Day On KBO

The much-talked about movie "Block Z" became a certified blockbuster hit on KBO last Friday (April 3) as it recorded the highest registration by any KBO movie on its first day, this year.


Directed by Mikhael Red, the movie tells the story of med student, PJ (Julia Baretto) and her friends, who witness the death of their patient who was diagnosed with rabies. Little do they know that her death would cause a big problem as it would rise from the dead and infect people in the campus.


Viewers can watch "Block Z" with  "She's the One," "Familia Blondina," "Feng Shui," "Working Beks," "Abay Babes," "In My Life," at "Vince, Kath & James" until Tuesday (April 7).


On Twitter, meanwhile, netizens were busy sharing mixed feelings about the movie. @SavedByGod9, tweeted, "Only my humble opinion, a good director lets each character shine and tells the story well with all its bumps and twists plus crushes your heart and resuscitates it back to life. Thank you Direk. @iamjoshuagarcia I love you to bits. You were so good!"


“Just finished watching #BlockZ maiintriga ka talaga to the highest bones. Maiinis ka, kikiligin sa UNA tas nakakasuspense talaga. Literal talaga na kailangan mo ng oxygen sa panonood nito. Kudos to @MikhailRed napakagaleng!," @itsjustintin commented. 


The movie, on the other hand, uplifted @JuanaFrancesca 's hopes, "God bless the Philippines. May pag-asa."